How to Cook Red Lentils

Masoor Dal Benefits and Everything Else You Need to Know!

Red Split Lentils or Masoor Dal is a staple food for Indians worldwide, and it is enjoyed thoroughly in almost every other meal of a typical Indian household. In this blog, we bring you some lesser-known facts about how Masoor Dal benefits us and in what ways we can make good use of this legume crop.

What is Masoor Dal? 

Masoor Dal is a lentil split without skin and comes in reddish-orange color. It is common in Indian cooking and boasts high nutritional value. It is considered a rich source of minerals and proteins and benefits us in more ways than one due to being high in fiber and low in fat content.  

Masoor Dal benefits that you should make a note of.

Masoor Dal benefits us in numerous ways when or if we incorporate it into our daily diet. The presence of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and protein, helps keep our blood pressure and cholesterol levels lower, thereby preventing the risk of heart disease.

Masoor Dal is also highly beneficial for pregnant women as its iron and folate content helps in fetal development.

masoor dal benefits

Apart from these, Masoor Dal benefits us in other ways, like aiding weight loss and keeping our bones healthy. Our oral health is also well taken care of by Masoor Dal and that is one of the core reasons to include it in our daily diet. 

One of the health benefits of lentils or Masoor Dal involve helping diarrhea patients as well. So if you are willing to start a healthy eating process, make sure to include Masoor Dal in your diet and experience the difference in your body for the better. 

How to Cook Red Lentils?

There are a wide variety of dishes that you can prepare with Masoor Dal such as Dal Tadka, Masoor Dal Soup, Masoor Dal Khichdi, Masoor Dal Kababs, Masoor Dal with Mixed Vegetables, Masoor Dal Cheela and several other dishes. If you’re looking for a red lentil recipe other than these, you can check out our blog, ‘Delicious Dishes made of Organic Pulses.’

Cooking red lentils is much easier than others as it does not require to be soaked before cooking as by nature, it’s a soft dal. Therefore, Masoor Dal or red lentils take significantly less cooking time. It turns golden when cooked well, giving out a specific kind of earthy flavor, and it also has a creamy texture after cooking. 

Which spices flavor up Masoor Dal the most?

When you cook Masoor Dal, spices like garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, mustard seeds, red chili powder, etc., are the ones that add irresistible and authentic flavors to the dishes you prepare. 

The above-mentioned information about Masoor Dal will make you consider including it in your diet, and it is probably the best thing to do if you wish to bring a healthy eating habit. Experience the notable Masoor Dal benefits and get it in organic form for the best results. Dwaraka Organic brings you Masoor Dal and Malka Masoor, so you can check out our website for these products and choose the one you wish to buy. You can also shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.