Mus Have Indian Breads

Must-Have Indian Breads

Indian breads are a globally famous and they are served with most of the Indian delicacies, especially curries. 

There is a huge variety of Indian breads made with a variety of flours and dough mixes. Some Indian breads are fried whereas some are cooked on a tava. The bread dough, flour preference and cooking technique varies based on different regions and the staple grain available in that region. 

Here are some Indian breads you must have!

1. Phulka: Phulka is a fluffy bread made with whole-wheat flour. It is relished in every Indian household as a staple.

2. Makki Di Roti: Makki di roti and is the most-loved bread of the Punjabis. This unleavened bread is made with maize flour and cooked in a tandoor or on a tava. 

3. Bhakri: Hard and crisp, Bhakri is an unleavened bread made with flours like bajra, jowar, rice and ragi. It is cooked with a lot of water and no oil, which makes it a healthier than other breads.

4. Paratha: Parathas are crispy and flaky pan-fried Indian flatbreads. They go well with most Indian curries.

5. Appam: A South-Indian flatbread made with rice and coconut milk batter pan fried on a tava. It can be sweet or savory.

6. Poori: The bread of happy occasions, poori is unleavened and made with whole-wheat dough and is deep-fried.

7. Naan: Naan is probably the most famous of Indian breads. It is leavened and made in a traditional Indian clay oven called tandoor.

8. Sheermal: An inseparable part of traditional Awadhi and Nizami cuisine, sheermal is a leavened bread cooked in tandoor. It is flavored with saffron and has a mildly sweet taste.



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