Dwaraka Organic Flours

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Amaranth Flour


A gluten-free, protein rich flour produced by grinding seeds from the Amaranth plant into a fine powder. It is a buff-colored, grain-like flour which enhances flavor when added to recipes. It is commonly used in pancakes and quick breads.

Bajra Flour 2lb

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Round Black Millet grains are dried and processed into Bajra flour, a greyish flour that has a slightly-nutty flavor. It is preferred in the winter season because of its heat-producing ingredients.

Buckwheat Flour


Popularly, known as ‘Kuttu ka atta’, Buckwheat flour is prepared by grounding small edible triangular seeds. It is gluten-free and has a rustic, earthy flavor.

Chana Besan

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Also known as Gram Flour, this pulse flour is made of a variety of ground chickpeas. It is a staple ingredient in the Indian subcontinent. 

Use Chana Besan Flour in:

Besan Laddoo

Corn Flour


Corn Flour is the starch of the corn (maize grain). Obtained from the endosperm portion of the kernel, it is commonly used as a thickening agent in soups and liquids. Corn flour is bland and gluten-free and is often used as an alternative to flour for frying. 

Cracked Wheat

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Popularly known as Daliya, cracked wheat is prepared by milling raw wheat kernels into smaller pieces, to preserve the nutrients of the wheat. It is commonly consumed for breakfast.

Jowar Flour

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Also, known as Sorghum Flour, Jowar flour is gluten-free. Jowar is grounded into flour which is often used to make Rotis, Bhakra, Cheela. It is one of the most important flours in multigrain food items.

Maida Flour


Finely milled, refined and bleached, Maida is a white flour made from wheat. It is sometimes, referred to as all-purpose flour, as is extensively used to make fast foods, baking products and several varieties of sweets and flatbreads.

Oats Flour


A fine flour prepared from dried whole oats which has a characteristic nut-like flavor. Oats add flavor, fiber and texture to the flour. One of the best gluten-free flours, this flour is a versatile option to prepare various recipes.

Ragi Flour

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Ragi flour is prepared by grinding whole Ragi grains into a fine powder. It has a pale pinkish tinge. 

Rice Flour

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Finely-milled rice, Rice flour is often used as a substitute of wheat flour. It is used to thicken recipes which are frozen or refrigerated. This flour is commonly used to prepare rice noodles and some type of pancakes.

Roasted Chana Flour

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Roasting the raw Chickpea flour, transforms the bitter taste of chickpea flour into nutty flavor. It is used to prepare sweet delicacies and other food items.

Sooji Coarse


Semolina is popularly known as Sooji or Rawa in the Indian continent. It is a purified wheat middling of durum wheat. It is very gritty and coarse.

Urad Flour

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A type of flour, which is made by grinding black gram pulses into a fine powder. It is also known as Black Gram and is widely used in the Punjabi cuisine. Urad flour is used to make deep-fried Indian snacks.