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Popularly known as Chole, it is one of the earliest cultivated legumes. A type of pulse, with one seed pod containing two to three peas. Nutrient-dense food, Garbanzos are light-colored, large and grown in a smooth coat.

Garlic Paste

Garlic paste is a crushed mixture of raw and fresh garlic cloves. It is a readily available paste found mostly in Indian and South Asian households. Garlic paste is mostly used in Indian, Italian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

You can use it in marinades, pasta sauces, stir fry dishes, chutneys and more.

Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger Garlic Masala is a crushed mixture of raw ginger and garlic cloves. This well-balanced mixture of ginger and garlic is often used in Indian curries, biryanis, pilafs, marinades, and other meal preparations in many parts of India.

This paste forms the base of almost every dish in India. Right from daals, to curries, to appetizers like kachori, samosas, hara-bhara kababs, mushroom tikka, and more.

Ginger Paste

Ginger Paste is a crushed mixture of raw and fresh ginger. It is a readily available paste found mostly in Indian and South Asian households. Ginger paste is mostly used in Indian, Italian, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Ginger paste tastes great in daal temperings, Chinese soups, marinades, chutneys and more.

Ginger Powder


Ginger powder is made by crushing dried up ginger. It has a sharp taste and smell. It has a pungent and fiery flavor. Ginger powder can taste spicy and sweet at the same time. This powder is usually used in making curries or for marinating food.

Gold Sandal Masala Incense

Our Gold Sandal Masala Incense is wholly made from 100% organic sandalwood oil, which helps calm your mind with a sweet woody odor and mask dampness and other odors. The sweet and cool fragrance of sandalwood helps turn your home’s mood from dull and dark to fresh and bright.

Green Cardamom


Green Cardamom, commonly known as Elaichi, has a rich aroma and a unique taste. It is a common ingredient used in Indian dishes. It is used as a whole, just pods or crushed into a powder. It can be used in a variety of dishes from entrees to desserts.

Groundnut Oil


Groundnut Oil is a vegetable oil derived from peanuts. Naturally, it has a strong peanut-like flavor and aroma. Preferably used in Asian cuisines because of its nutty flavor and is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 unstaurated fats.

It tastes great in all kinds of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Continental, and more. Groundnut Oil can be used to make Aloo Fry, Fried Idlies, Dal Tadka, and more.

Jowar Flour


Jowar flour is milled from the grains of white millet, known as Jowar. Above all, It is a staple in the Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines. Because Jowar is an excellent source of iron and fiber, it is light to consume and digest.


Jowar flour is used to make traditional porridges, theplas, and bhakhris.

Kala Chana


Kala Chana also known as black chickpeas or black grams have a very high fiber and protein content. The inside of the black grams is yellow and they have a starchy texture when they’re cooked.

Kitchen King Masala

Kitchen King Masala, as the name suggests, is the king of all masalas. It is a blend of all essential spices used in Indian recipes. It has an aroma, spice, and flavor that enhances the taste of any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish.

Maida Flour


Maida Flour, also known as all-purpose flour, is a white flour derived from wheat with no bran. It is finely ground and used in baking, frying as a thickening and binding agent.


You can enjoy our Organic Maida Flour in fruit cakes, mug cakes, pies, cookies, bhajias, gujiyas, pooris, and more.