Indian Flatbreads

Indian Flatbreads to Keep You Warm in Winter!

Winter is almost about to come to an end, and the only thing we wish to enjoy during this season is nothing other than some comfort food that gives us warmth. When it comes to warm winter foods, the first and foremost things we think of are various kinds of flatbreads prepared with Indian flour. In this blog, we are going to tell you some of these tasty and warming breads that you can prepare with some of our flour. 

The winter season brings the chills we seek in the weather throughout the year, and we wait for this season’s festivities dotingly. However, amidst all the fun and frolic during winter, one essential element of this season is food. Besides reveling amidst the cold winds, our cravings always take a turn during this season toward delicious dishes that satisfy our taste buds and provide the required amount of warmth and nourishment to our bodies to keep us healthy and active in the cold. 

Talking of dishes that provide a range of health benefits, we must always consider some of the most flavorful Indian flour breads. These breads offer an array of flavors and textures, and while they fill our taste buds with delight, they also impact our health in numerous positive ways due to the ingredients that go into their preparation.

Read this blog to know about some of the Indian flour breads you can prepare with our organic and healthy flours during winter and enjoy the soul-satisfying experience while giving a boost to your health! 

Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti jpg

A quintessential winter staple in several Indian households, Bajra Roti, also known as Pearl Millet Flatbread, is made out of Bajra Flour, as the name suggests. This Indian flour flatbread is delicious on different levels and is considered a powerhouse of nutrients. The health advantages of Bajra Flour include its high content of rich iron, fiber, and vitamins. Additionally, it improves digestion and helps boost immunity. It is a delicious dish you can pair with dishes like Vegetable Curry, Dal, Paneer dishes, etc., and it makes for one of the healthy winter meals that keep you warm during the chilly weather. 

Stuffed Bajra Paratha

Stuffed Bajra Paratha jpg

Beat the chills with what you may call one delicious winter special food, which is the mouthwatering Stuffed Bajra Paratha. It is indeed a delightful variant of the traditional Bajra Roti that elevates your dining experience to a great extent. The spices and vegetable-stuffed paratha are no less than a treat to the taste buds. The nutty flavors of Bajra Flour and the wholesome veggie stuffing combine, and all you experience is immense warmth, intense flavors, and lots of nutrition. The combination of Bajra Flour and the filling of the paratha produces a result that is extremely tasty but, at the same time, rich in iron and folic acid. You can enjoy these parathas with ghee or some spicy pickles, and you will surely be mesmerized by the experience and taste. 

Buckwheat Flatbread

Buckwheat Flatbread jpg

If you are seeking a gluten-free alternative to your regular flour to prepare some tasty food, Kuttu Ka Atta is what you need. Also known as Buckwheat Flour, Kuttu Ka Atta is considered a versatile flour and a common ingredient to prepare dishes during religious fasting. Loaded with nutrients including protein, Vitamin B, and fiber, it is the perfect ingredient to prepare the highly delicious and nutritious Buckwheat Flatbread. Besides this lip-smacking Indian flatbread, Kuttu Ka Atta is also used to prepare dishes like Chocolate Spice Cookies, Methi Thepla, etc.

Ragi Cheela

Ragi Cheela jpg

One of the healthiest winter breakfast dishes, Ragi Cheela, is something you will instantly love. You can prepare this with the very nutritious Ragi Flour. Known as finger millet, Ragi is a grain packed with nutrients that help boost our energy levels and keep us warm during winter. It is high in calcium, iron, and some essential amino acids, and it helps in the betterment of bone health and improves hemoglobin levels. 

Ragi Cheela, the wholesome dish, brings you the goodness of Ragi and mouthwatering flavors. This dish has a soft texture like a pancake, and a subtle nutty flavor pairs perfectly with the variety of toppings you choose. It is pretty easy to prepare Ragi Cheela, especially on your busy mornings during winter.

So, if you are excited to try out these delicious flatbreads, get on to it immediately. Dwaraka Organic brings you organic and pure Indian flour with which you can prepare numerous delicacies, and the organic nature of this flour will ensure that your dishes have the best tastes and flavors. You can shop for our pure Indian flour from a grocery store near you or get it on Amazon.