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We bring you nothing but the best! Our motto is to provide the finest produce to you. All our products are 100% organic and natural.
Pesticide-Free Products
We believe in producing food that makes life better. Our products are free from any pesticides, thus, safe to intake.
Non-GMO Products
Part of our DNA at Dwaraka Organic is not messing with the nature. We offer GMO-free products that are not tampered with or genetically modified making them natural to consume.
Chemical-Free Products
We prioritize your health. All our products are produced without the use of any chemicals. They are safe and harmless for consumers.

Our Featured Products

Amchur Powder


Amchur is a pale-beige-to-brownish powder prepared from dried and unripe-green mangoes. It has a sour-fruity flavor and is often used as a citrusy seasoning. It lends an acidic brightness to the foods it is added to. It is a predominant flavoring agent in the North Indian dishes.

Bajra Flour 2lb

$9.95 $9.00

Round Black Millet grains are dried and processed into Bajra flour, a greyish flour that has a slightly-nutty flavor. It is preferred in the winter season because of its heat-producing ingredients.

Black Pepper Powder


Pepper powder is prepared from fine-quality peppercorns. Pepper has a sharp, hot and biting taste. It is a warming spice. It is one of the oldest and the most important spices in the world.

Blackeye Peas 4lb


Black-eyed peas get its name from their peach, off white color and a black spot in the center. It is a subspecies of cowpeas. They have a strong flavor with a subtle and a nut like aroma. The peas are loaded with iron, fiber and folate among other vitamins and minerals.

Chana Besan 2lb

$9.00 $8.50

Also known as Gram Flour, this pulse flour is made of a variety of ground chickpeas. It is a staple ingredient in the Indian subcontinent. 

Use Chana Besan Flour in:

Besan Laddoo

Chana Daal

$11.99 $11.00

Chana Dal is one of the most common pulses that is used in Indian food. They are immature chickpeas which look like small kernels of corn. They are split in half and then polished. They are rich in metabolism and contain no cholesterol or trans-fat.

Cinnamon Powder

$6.99 $6.50

Cinnamon Powder comes from the bark of the tropical, evergreen trees. In order to harvest cinnamon, its peeled from inside the bark. It is widely used in dessert recipes.

Cinnamon Stick


A spice obtained from the inner bark of the several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. It is mainly used as an aromatic condiment and flavoring additive in many recipes.



Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree, Syzygium aromaticium. It’s a popular ingredient in many cuisines like Asian, African and Middle Eastern. Cloves hold a strong medicinal value, and thus have many other uses than just food. 

Coriander Powder


Coriander powder is derived from the Coriander seeds. It is a cooling spice – a blend of fresh aroma and natural-green color. Coriander has a flavor which is a mix of lemon and sage. It is mainly used for adding taste to dishes.

Corn Flour 2lb


Corn Flour is the starch of the corn (maize grain). Obtained from the endosperm portion of the kernel, it is commonly used as a thickening agent in soups and liquids. Corn flour is bland and gluten-free and is often used as an alternative to flour for frying. 

Cracked Wheat

$9.95 $9.00

Popularly known as Daliya, cracked wheat is prepared by milling raw wheat kernels into smaller pieces, to preserve the nutrients of the wheat. It is commonly consumed for breakfast.

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