Cumin: A Natural Remedy

Cumin is one of the most healthy superfoods in your spice cabinet. This amazing spice is abundantly cultivated in the southwestern part of Asia.

Being native to the region, it’s very commonly used there and hence it’s a base ingredient in Indian cuisine. It is also regarded as one of the healthiest food products in the world.

Both, as dried seeds and in the form of cumin powder, this amazing spice is what gives a nice nutty and peppery flavor to the recipes. So let’s learn more about the health benefits of this amazing flavoring agent and why it’s so important in your diet.

Health Benefits Of Cumin

  • This amazing spice is filled with antioxidants. Hence it helps protect the body from anything that tries to attack the healthy cells which give you energy and keep you young.
  • Studies show that it aids human beings in dealing with diarrhea. Traditionally, it has been used in India as a common treatment for the same issue.
  • Studies also say that it may help you control your diabetes. When tested with
    diabetic patients, it was found that they were able to manage their condition well with the help of this nutritious spice.
  • It has been known to fight bacteria and parasites. The oil extracted from cumin helps kill bacteria that are trying to attack the immune system.
  • Cumin seeds are also anti-inflammatory agents. So, in case you experience pain and inflammation due to certain conditions, adding cumin seeds to your diet is considered highly beneficial.
  • Even if all this wasn’t enough, this flavorful spice is also an immunity booster. Of course, with all the other aspects in which cumin seeds help us, it’s evident that the spice would help boost your immunity.

So, now that you’ve learned so many health benefits about this amazing spice, how do you plan on adding it to your daily diet? While cooking Indian dishes, you can use cumin seeds to the oil directly before adding any of the other ingredients.

That will help you infuse the nutty flavors of this amazing spice and hence add its distinct taste to the cooked dish. If you’re planning to use ground cumin, just add it along with other spice powders after you’ve added all the vegetables to flavor the dish and make sure you mix it well.

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