Indian Dishes That Made A Mark Globally

Indian Cuisine That Made A Mark Globally

Once an Indian-food lover, always an Indian-food lover. 

Don’t you agree? 

We’re sure you do! That was a rhetorical question.

No matter where you are or what you do, if you get the opportunity to have some authentic Indian food, you’d definitely dive in.

Now, let’s talk about some Indian dishes that put India on the map. 

1. Samosa

All we want to say is ‘Some More Samosa’!

Samosas are one of the most famous delicacies from India. Want to celebrate something? Get samosas. Want to cry about something? Not without Samosas. Guests at home? Samosas to the rescue.

The stuffed turnover has many variants around the world and so do its fillings. So much so that we also get Pasta and Chinese Samosas now. But the original is still a crowd favorite and one of the most loved snacks in the world!

2. A for Apple, B for Biryaniiiii!

That’s how Indians learn their alphabets! What can compete with the amazing flavors of the blend of spices topped with the sweet essence of saffron milk? Nothing!

Everything that goes into a Biryani is a match made in heaven and those who have had its authentic taste know that very well! Biryani has made a home every place it has traveled and is loved by millions, if not billions of people! This is one Indian dish you can’t miss out on.

3. Chatpata Chat 

Indian Street food is loved around the world, and how! Be it Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, or Dahi Chat, and many more dishes filled with Indian flavors. Everyone enjoys a blend of flavors that tickle the taste buds. Indian Chat is a guilty pleasure, everyone wants to relish. The authentic flavors of Chat will take you back to the streets of India. 

4. Naan is the way of life!

It truly is in India! If you go out to eat, you’d surely order Naan. Outside the Indian subcontinent, it’s called Naan bread.

It’s an Indian bread that compliments every Indian gravy and vegetable. Not just that, there are stuffed Naan options that are delicious on their own. It’s world famous, try it, you will know why!

There are many more Indian dishes that have won hearts across the globe. 

Which one is your favorite?