Nutmeg – A blessing in Disguise

Nutmeg is one of the many magical spices that not only add flavor but also have a lot of medicinal benefits. Its unique nutty and smoked flavor makes it very versatile.

Nutmeg is sprinkled on warm drinks like lattes, eggnog, and more; it is also used in baked food, curries, desserts, etc. The warm aroma of this spice has traveled to many countries and started some wars too. There’s so much more to Nutmeg that we may not be aware of. So, let us get to know this brown seed a lot better.


Nutmeg was the favorite of many emperors and rulers dating all the way back to the 1st century. Here are some historical facts about the fondness of this spice:

  • Emperor Henry VI had the streets of Rome purified with nutmegs before his coronation. 
  • In the 1600s nutmeg was so valuable that it became worthy of starting wars. The Dutch waged massive war and enslavement of the inhabitants of Banda Island in Indonesia.
  • Nutmeg which is readily available now was once only made available to Emperors and rulers as it was then considered an item of luxury. 
  • In the early middle ages, Nutmeg was mostly cultivated in the countries bordering the Indian Ocean. 
  • Later in the 1800s, the British took the Nutmeg seedlings from Bandas Islands in Indonesia and planted them in tropical places like Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Zanzibar, and more.

Health Benefits:

Nutmeg is mentioned extensively in the centuries-old Ayurvedic scriptures. Here are some health benefits of Nutmeg:

  • It is sometimes used as an analgesic due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • It possesses antibacterial properties that help in the fast healing of ailments.
  • It is said to cure throat infections like cold and flu. 
  • Nutmeg paste is widely used for quick relief from headaches. 
  • It helps maintain a healthy gut, heart and controls blood sugar.


This well-known spice has a long list of uses in the kitchen. It can be used alone or you can enhance its flavors by pairing it with other spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. As mentioned earlier, Nutmeg is so versatile that it can be used in beverages, baked food, curries, rice preparations, desserts, and more. Here are some dishes you can use Nutmeg in. 

  • Beverages: Sprinkle some Nutmeg Powder on hot chocolate, latte, cinnamon milk, turmeric milk, masala chai, or any nut-based milkshake or a smoothie. 
  • Baked Food: Add Nutmeg powder to enhance the flavor of pies, cakes, cookies, and bread. 
  • Meals: Nutmeg works wonders when added freshly crushed to any vegetable or paneer curry or rice preparations like pulao and biryanis. 
  • Desserts: Any milk-based Indian sweets like kheer, Mysore Pak, besan halwa, laddoos, etc taste better with a hint of Nutmeg.

With all its versatility and various facts Nutmeg does sound like a blessing in disguise, doesn’t it? Now you don’t have to wage wars to get a piece of this blessed spice. Buy your dose of Dwaraka Organic Nutmeg from any grocery store near you.