Masala Incense

Significance of incense sticks during Diwali

The festival of lights is here and we simply can’t keep calm! According to the Indian tradition, other than the lights and exuberance, the usage of fragrant sticks for the fragrance surrounding homes is also essential. We’re here to acquaint you with some organic incense sticks that you can choose from during Diwali!

The festival of Diwali lightens up the gloom that surrounds us and rejuvenates our souls like anything! In addition, our excitement knows no bounds during this time as it involves poojas, gatherings, feasts, and whatnot! 

Amidst all the attractions of Diwali, there is one thing that plays an important role, but we seldom talk about it. Can you guess it? Incense sticks! The celebration of Diwali is incomplete without incense sticks. 

We often miss out on incense sticks, but they are an essential part of the age-old Indian tradition of poojas! 

There is a reason why fragrant sticks deserve such a special mention. We use them during poojas as our tradition as their aroma is very calming. Moreover, their fragrances are considered pure and possess healing powers. We also place fragrant sticks on our Diwali pooja thali. Organic incense sticks have a natural way to calm nerves, improve mood, help us focus during meditation and also help release stress! 

We are here to show you some varied options of organic incense sticks by Dwarka Organic that can be a part of your Diwali 2021 celebration.

Original Rose Masala Incense

Imagine yourself seated amidst a house-filling fragrance of rose petals! How about the guests at your Diwali party get exposed to the beauty of the scent? Rose petals spread out one of the best calming incense. If you cannot get hold of pure scenting petals, you can opt for the Original Rose Masala Incense sticks. These fragrant sticks contain 100% organic rose oil. 

The natural rose fragrance is a sheer example of what incense is good for calming! It is a fantastic choice for masala incense sticks as it entirely relieves stress, negativity, and anxiety to a great deal. The very healing aura of the scent is what cleanses the mood and minds of the people.

Mogra Masala Incense

The preference for fragrances varies from one person to another. Some like a stronger hit of fragrance, whereas some want a light presence of it around. The ones who choose the latter have an appropriate option for fragrant sticks, which happens to be the Mogra Masala Incense sticks.

These organic incense sticks are composed of oils extracted out of carefully plucked natural mogra flowers. It gives out a very light yet long-lasting fragrance. The scent hovering around the room keeps alive the positivity and calming vibe. So what are you waiting for? Turn your Diwali mogras into a room-filling scent that uplifts the souls of you and your guests.

Nag Champa Masala Incense

The entire idea of meditation is for the mind to calm itself. Usually, a stretch of days filled with excessive happiness and activities like your Diwali party, bring a cloud of gloom over us when they come to an end. Naturally, our minds become restless due to the sudden drop of the energetic vibe all around and we tend to become unable to focus on things. Meditation helps a lot during such phases. So while you’re meditating, regardless of the peaceful surroundings engulfing you, there’s one such factor that accelerates the whole thing. That is scent or fragrance! 

The Nag Champa Masala Incense sticks are entirely natural and made out of organic ingredients. It is considered the best choice of fragrance for spiritual practice. The calming aroma of the organic nag champa incense sticks highly stimulates mind focus and is perfect for meditation. The nag champa spiritual properties work great for relaxation of the body and thereby bring peace of mind!

Gold Sandal Masala Incense

Sandalwood smell is a commonly experienced scent around the world. Yet, the organically composed Gold Sandal Masala Incense sticks offer something more than just the scent. These sticks comprise 100% natural sandalwood oil and also keep the natural woody fragrance alive. The sweetness of the woody odor calms the mind and makes it feel active and at ease. The dullness goes away and you find yourself in a better mood once you light these masala incense sticks in your rooms!

The arrival of the auspicious occasion of Diwali brings along the demand for fragrant sticks as well to complement the Diwali traditions. If you are already excited by our products of organic incense sticks, you can consider giving them a try.  You can shop for Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store for 100 % organic products.

Real Jasmine Masala Incense

The essence of jasmine flowers is known for their sweet scent! The Real Jasmine Masala Incense sticks keep up with that aspect and offer a sense of freshness. These fragrant sticks contain specifically chosen ingredients that work perfectly towards purifying the air and bringing an overall fresh vibe around. The fragrance is a perfect antidepressant and successfully lifts the mood of the guests who come in its vicinity at your Diwali gatherings.

Premium Quality Masala Incense

The Premium Quality Masala Incense sticks release a fragrance that improves mood and attracts cheerfulness and enthusiasm. It comprises pretty selectively balanced proportions of organic substances and oils. The scent gives a natural feeling of calmness and elevates the vibe of any room. It is one of the best organic masala incense sticks. Light up these masala sticks, this Diwali, in your home and attract the blessings of peace and prosperity amidst a fresh aura of organic masala incense.