Spice It Up!

Spice it up!

Shakespeare said; “If music be the food of love, play on”. We say; “If food be the love of your soul, eat up”. Cause anything that adds warmth to your soul definitely adds to your life. Food is an integral part of life and good food gives you a better life. So, in this month of love, let’s focus on loving thyself with amazing ingredients that make your favorite treats better.

Cardamom: This amazing spice is usually used on auspicious or celebratory occasions to make sweets and fancy dishes. It gives a better balance to a recipe. It has a very strong flavor and fragrance, just a few seeds can completely change the flavor of the dish. Let it add some flavor to your relationship as a tasty Cardamom Chai is a great drink to enjoy while you cozy up under your blanket with your loved one and binge watch on Netflix.

Chilli: This is a very well-known spice and is used almost everywhere around the world. Depending on the chilli you’re using, this particular ingredient is the definition of spice as it adds a lot of heat to the dish. Anyone who indulges in the art of cooking is advised to use their chillis carefully. Spice up your next date with some peppery red curry next time around. 

Turmeric: This earthy spice is the base of most curries in India. It is a very healthy spice with many medicinal properties and Indians usually have it with warm milk on cold winters or apply a turmeric lotion to get rid of the winter blues. Besides its healing properties, turmeric is also used in beauty products and is really good for the skin. Indians also use it for sacred rituals and consider the spice to be extremely auspicious. You should also know that it is commonly used for a ritual in a Hindu wedding, for when you tie the knot! *wink* *wink*

Cinnamon: Considered as a luxury in Ancient Egypt, it is one of the most diverse spices in the world. Maybe because it goes so well with all blends of flavors. Be it a sweet, spicy, bitter or any other dish, cinnamon can always enhance the dish. This flavor-packed spice is better known for its amazing combination with sweet dishes. It plays a major role in some of the favorite sugary treats around the world. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy a nice Cinnamon Roll after a great dinner date?

Next time you decide on what to cook for dinner, why not make use of these great spices and turn it a flavor fest? You can get them from our range of spices on this website.