Spice For Your Salad Dressing

Spice up your salads

A salad is not a meal but a style. And what’s style all about? Dressing up! 

Dressing and seasoning a salad is an art. The way an art piece requires the right selection of objects and colors, choosing the right spices to make a delicious salad is also an art. With the right amount and choice of spices, the dressings for your salad can never go wrong!

The treasure trove of Indian spices used for enhancing the flavors of a dish, can also be used for making a salad dressing and can spice up an ordinary, boring salad into an exciting and a delicious one!

Tie the flavors of your salad together by giving it a blend of sweet and savory flavors with a combination of Indian spices

Here are five spices that you can use to dress up your salad the delicious way:

Cumin Whole

You’ve always added it in tadkas. Now, add some roasted cumin seeds to any salad and give it a nutty and an earthy flavor. One of the most popular spice in the Indian cuisine, it’s used as a basic ingredient in India. Roasted cumin seeds also have an advantage – they add a pleasant aroma to the salad. 

Red Chili

Spice up your salad a bit with some red chilies to balance a cool salad, such as an avocado and cucumber salad. What comes handy while using red chilies is the art of balancing. Make it as spicy or mild as you want!

Curry Powder

You’ve probably seen your mother or father using this whenever they made a curry to enhance its flavor. Well, get a packet of Curry Powder and sprinkle some on your ordinary salad and behold the magic! The variety of spices in this powder add a pop in the salad. With the inclusion of Curry Powder, try out new variety and flavors. 

Sesame Seed

Include some sesame seeds if you want some nutty, slightly sweet taste and aroma to your salad. These tiny white seeds are packed with flavors and are rich in fibers. Another reason why you should add this in your salad dressing is – it is abundant in minerals, which makes it a perfect choice for making your healthy salads even healthier.  

Black Pepper Powder

No matter how the whole Black Pepper tastes, its powder can be used in salads, (only brave people eat Black Pepper whole!) Sprinkle some Black Pepper powder to give your salad a distinctive flavor with a hint of spiciness. Enhance the flavors of your dish with this spice. 

Ready to take your taste buds on a wonderful healthy and delicious ride? Try out these spices and make a salad that is much more interesting! We bet you won’t want to go back to your old ways of salad dressing. 

Also, a disclaimer: Don’t blame us if you get addicted to salads now! Shop for the spices mentioned above or explore our range of 100% organic spices here.