Spices To Stock Up

 Spices That You Should Stock Up This Fall

Autumn brings with it the most beautiful sight of nature.  And for the foodies, it brings delicious food – whether baked or cooked. With delicious ingredients like potatoes, apples, pumpkins all around, who cannot fall for the fall season?

With the plethora of spices available in the market, make sure you have spices that are essential for making food that resonate with the feeling of fall. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, ‘Autumn is more the season of the soul than nature.’

Here are some essential spices that will be your ally for turning your ordinary food into tempting delicacies, this Fall:


If you’ve been hearing about Turmeric in almost every blog, it’s because of the right reasons. Turmeric is one of the most loved spices because of its antioxidant properties that work as an amazing health booster. Add it at the beginning of whatever you’re cooking – whether it’s a stew, pot roast or soup. Make sure you stir the powder properly and don’t leave it uncooked. You can even enhance plain rice by sprinkling some turmeric which will give it a rich color and a wonderful taste. Or, for the health-conscious, add it to health smoothies or drinks.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fall season, is a pumpkin spiced cinnamon roll. Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices and well, it should be. It’s super versatile, mildly sweet and brings out the natural sweetness in dishes. If there’s a strong cinnamon fragrance when you enter your house, you can be sure that it’s fall season already. Sprinkle some in your pie, morning coffee, tea, hot chocolate or pudding and you’re good to go!


Nothing beats the sharp fragrance of ginger. Instead of whole ginger, ginger powder is easier to use, especially when you’re baking. It is a great source of potassium and antioxidants. You can enhance marinade up a notch by adding some ginger and sesame oil. Ginger adds a distinctive zest to your recipes, tea, and even salad dressing.


With a woodsy, sharp and a little sweet flavor, nutmeg is another incredible spice that will enhance the flavor of your dishes. Typically used for cookies and pies, they are also added in soups, stews and various other fall meals.

An essential ingredient of Pumpkin Spice (Powdered Cinnamon, Allspice, Cloves, Ginger and Nutmeg), Fall recipes are incomplete without nutmeg. Whether it’s the classic sweet potatoes or squashes, just a sprinkle of nutmeg powder can work wonders on its taste!

This fall, let the power of spices rise and make all your fall dishes tastier.