Benefits Of Cardamom

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom 

Do you like your tea with the aromatic flavor of Cardamom? Well, a lot of people like their tea this way! But do you know that Cardamom is also used widely in various dishes of Indian cuisine including savories and sweets? The flavor and essence it brings are unparalleled, and Cardamom also has significant health benefits. Read this blog to learn about them!

Cardamom, widely known as Elaichi, is a kind of Indian spice from the cardamom plants’ seed pots. It adds a rich flavor and taste to Indian dishes and makes them delicious. 

It comes in two types, namely, Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom. The former is more commonly used in baking and desserts due to its aroma and essence, and the latter is usually used in curries, stews, pilafs, and more.  

The health properties of Cardamom are plenty, and that being said, let us get right in to learn about some of those properties and why you should include Cardamom in your diet! 

1) Cardamom provides dental care to us:

On and off, we tend to suffer from some dental issues. Cardamom proves to be an excellent healing component to such problems. Medicines that are prescribed for dental problems comprise antimicrobial properties. Cardamom itself has all these properties, thereby keeping you off from medication and acting as a natural healer to issues like bacteria caused by bad breath, decaying of a tooth, etc. Cardamom is also known to prevent cavities and improve breathing. Moreover, it also cleans the teeth, thereby avoiding the possibility of tooth decay!

2) It is a perfect body detoxifier:

A long span of staying off the routine and eating rich food makes the body feel under pressure. This can create pressure on the mind as well. This is the time when one needs to detoxify their body. The healing properties of Cardamom include its oil and biochemicals, which acts as perfect elements to detox your body. It combats infections, cleans wastes, and reduces toxins from our blood. It is one of the most significant benefits of Cardamom that heals both the mind and the body! You can detoxify your body by consuming cardamom water. all you need to do is crush the cardamom pod and once you extract the seeds, put the pod peels and seeds in the water. Drink it the day after and you will feel relaxed.

3) Cardamom keeps our digestive health in balance:

Cardamom, as we mentioned, boasts a robust aroma that helps activate our sensory elements and taste. It possesses a methanolic extract component that aids in digestion and healing other gastrointestinal problems such as acidity, stomach aches, etc. So next time, if you’re wondering what’s good for digestion, then keep these benefits of Cardamom in mind and seek some of this very flavorful spice immediately. Try drinking some cardamom tea with honey. 

4) Cardamom gives good care to the health of your hair:

Did you know that Cardamom is good for your hair as well? Yes, you heard it right! The high content of nutrients in Cardamom enables it to help keep your hair shiny, silky, and strong from the roots. Since it comprises nutritional elements like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc., it helps strengthen the hair follicles, cleanse and clear the scalp, thereby giving you enhanced hair. How to use it? Simply crush some cardamom, mix it in water and wash your hair with the mixture before using shampoo. 

5) Cardamom has the potential to positively affect our mental health:

A variety of studies have concluded that Cardamom strangely works towards developing mental health and well-being. The studies suggest that the benefits of Cardamom have enough potential to positively affect mental clarity, memory, behavior, and learning ability. So while you sip on a hot cup of Cardamom chai, your moment of utmost peace is probably brushing up your mental strength and relaxation as well!

The benefits of Cardamom mentioned above are sure to make you think of including it in your regular diet. So if you’re wondering, where to buy organic Cardamom from, check out our website. All the items that we sell are 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products and you can buy them at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.