Benefits Of Ragi

Why should you add Ragi to your diet?

All the tasty food you savor keeps your tastebuds satisfied. But do you also make sure of including beneficial ingredients in your diet? Well, if not, then read this blog to know about the benefits of Ragi, a highly nutritious millet.

Ragi, commonly known as finger millet in English, is a significant part of diet for Indians worldwide. Due to the high nutritional content and beneficial features, it is also known as a superfood.

Most of the time, Indian breads are made with wheat or maida. But did you know that Ragi flour is an excellent substitute for these ingredients? Yes, you heard that right! There are some easy Ragi dishes to make at home, such as Ragi Cake, Ragi Flour Ladoo, Ragi Fruit Cakes, Ragi Chips, etc., for which you can use it! 

But do you know about the health benefits of Ragi and how this superfood is one of the best protein-rich foods?

Then read this blog to know about the benefits of Ragi and why you should include it in your diet every day! 

1) Ragi keeps our mind and body relaxed:

Are you aware that Ragi benefits us with its abilities to relax the mind and body? Yes, you heard that right! Ragi helps treats all the mental states of anxiety or depression and helps insomnia. Because of amino acids and antioxidants in Ragi, it works as a natural relaxing substance. 

2) Ragi is an excellent source of calcium:

If you use Ragi flour in your diet frequently, your bones are indeed in good health. It is said that Ragi flour comprises the highest amount of calcium if compared to other grains. More importantly, it is an acceptable source of calcium for kids if you serve them in the form of millet porridge.

3) Helps in weight loss:

Ragi comprises many dietary fibers that, in turn, help us in weight loss. That is another reason to include Ragi in your everyday diet, as it helps keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and improves our digestive systems.

4) Ragi controls diabetes:

The fiber minerals and amino acids in Ragi work wonders for people with diabetic problems. Ragi contains more polyphenols than grains that we commonly intake, such as rice, wheat, and corn, and that’s why it treats diabetes also! 

5) Improves skin and hair health

Ragi is rich in some specific types of amino acids, such as Lysine and Methionine. These amino acids come with good news for your skin! They keep your younger look safe by treating the old age arrival of wrinkles or skin sagging! You can also use Ragi in your hair mask to prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair.

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