Clove: The Multitalented Spice

Cloves form the culinary basis of most of the Indian dishes.

Originated in Asia, this spice is one of the most popular flavoring agents. It is the dried bud of the flower from the tree Syzygium Aromaticum. Cloves are tiny buds but are a big, complete package of amazing flavor and qualities.

Not just in food, Cloves have other interesting uses too.

Let us take you through a few interesting facts and ‘talents’ of this dynamic spice.

‘Clove’ originated from the French word ‘Clou’

It means ‘nail’. Clove got its name because it is shape like a nail.

Clove was traded by Muslim sailors and merchants during the Middle Ages

The trade of Clove is mentioned by the popular Arabian Nights characters like Sinbad the Sailor. They used to buy and sell cloves in India.

Used in preparation of Mulled Wine

The famous Mulled Wine is a blend of red wine and various spices – the most important one being Clove, as it complements the taste of wine.

Ground cloves lose their flavor quickly

Cloves do not get spoiled but lose their strength. They have a short shelf life as compared to cloves in the whole form. Thus, ground cloves should be stored in airtight jars and away from sunlight.

An excellent room freshener

Clove is not just used in food; it has other uses too.  Its oil mixed with water makes for a great, aromatic room freshener.

An amazing energy booster

Clove is known for its stamina and energy-boosting powers. Also, in the olden days, cloves were used to increase libido and sex drive.

Is an effective insect repellant 

Bothered by flies and small insects and don’t like the smell of the chemical repellants? Here is the solution. Just keep a bowl of cloves in the center of the room. In few hours, the room will be free of flies, bugs and other insects.

These tiny buds of deliciousness are packed with flavor and qualities. Did you like these interesting facts about Cloves?

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