Cooking Oils

All You Need to Know About Cooking Oils

Let’s Learn About Types Of Cooking Oils

When you’re getting ready to cook up a storm, the landscape of cooking oils can be confusing to navigate. Cooking oils play a very important role in our daily diet. From coating the bottom of a pan to drizzling some as a salad dressing, cooking oils are present in most of the foods that we eat.

Oils extracted from nuts and seeds are aces for use in a variety of dishes. Here’s a roundup of some nutty and seedy cooking oils with everything you need to know for whipping up all your favorite dishes.

Groundnut Oil

Cold-pressed from groundnuts, this oil’s nutty aroma and distinct flavor assures that it is best suited for dishes with complementary flavors. Its high-smoking point and ability to allow foods to retain their natural flavors makes groundnut oil great for deep-frying as well stir-frying.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is extracted from white Sesame Seeds. It is cold-pressed using an expeller press or heated and extracted using different methods, depending on the country of origin. Sesame oil is relatively stable but it should still be kept in a dark bottle to avoid discoloration.

Toasted sesame oil is amber and aromatic. It is made from pressed and toasted sesame seeds that is idle for using in the final stages of cooking or as a finishing oil. With its relatively mild flavor and high smoking point, cold-pressed sesame oil is a good choice for general use like sautés, roasts, stir-fries. It instantly adds subtle flavor to foods without overwhelming them.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a good all-purpose oil. The seeds are heated, pressed, and mixed with hexane to obtain this oil. It is boiled to evaporate the hexane, and then processed with lye to neutralize the flavor. The oil is further treated by steaming and heating again.

It can be used for shallow or deep frying as it has a high smoking point. It balances out stronger flavored oils in a vinaigrette but it doesn’t have enough distinctive taste for drizzling or finishing. Sunflower oil is great in both sweet and savory dishes like this classic carrot cake or spicy and delicious chicken rolls.

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