Organic Products during Festive Season

Make these Indian delights with organic products this Festive Season

The Indian festive season is when people indulge in limitless revelry with friends, family, and loved ones. However, amidst all the fun and enjoyment, food is the most essential part of this time because people love to enjoy festive delights together. In this blog, we bring you some flour and spices from Dwaraka Organic’s product range, with which you can prepare some mouthwatering delicacies during this period. 

The festive season is here, and you are surely thrilled and excited while celebrating the wonderful occasions with your near and dear ones. During this festive season, the aroma of freshly made traditional sweets and lip-smacking delicacies surrounds the air because this is the time to indulge in your favorite dishes and enjoy them with your close people. However, the best dishes are enjoyed when they are handmade and prepared right in the comfort of your home. 

As we know, we are here to talk about the Indian festive season, and the choice of food during this time has to be none other than the wide variety of Indian cuisine’s flavorful dishes. When it comes to homemade traditional food and sweets, organic products are the best ingredients to use as they ensure that the dishes you prepare taste 100% authentic and pure. The reason for this is that organic ingredients are not induced with chemicals or artificial enhancements.

Read this blog to know about some of the Indian sweets that can be made with organic products from Dwaraka Organic during this time of fun and frolic. 

Besan Ladoo with Chana Besan scaled

Chana Besan is one of the most common ingredients found in almost every Indian household. Also known as Gram Flour, this ingredient can be used to make various festive dishes and sweets, and one of the most classic and delicious recipes to try out with Chana Besan is the mouthwatering Besan Ladoo. These round sweet balls are easy and quick to prepare and even quicker for people to finish them in one go. To make this sweet, all you have to do is mix the Chana Besan, Jaggery, and you can also add some Cinnamon, and some nuts of your choice. The result is this perfectly delicious sweet that captures the true essence of the Indian festive season.

Malpua with Rice Flour scaled

In traditional Indian cuisine, Rice Flour is a very popular ingredient in Indian kitchens. During festivities, a sweet originating from Bengal, Malpua, makes people go wow when it is served. To prepare this sweet, you only need Rice Flour, some milk, and Jaggery. It is the perfect desi mithai and a delectable dessert that instantly satisfies sweet cravings. You can prepare it quickly, and the flavors will keep on lingering in your taste buds long after the end of the festive season and, by all probabilities, will certainly be one of your favorite sweets. You can also add some Cinnamon or Fennel as per your taste.

Gulab Jamun with Maida Flour scaled

An ingredient in almost every desi household, Maida Flour is the key element in several festive delights, and one of them is the most-loved desi mithai, Gulab Jamun. These tender and succulent sweet spheres dipped in sugar syrup are melt-in-the-mouth delights that mesmerize your taste buds. It upholds the centuries-old tradition of Indian mithai and is prepared for almost every Indian festival. You can flavor it with Cinnamon and garnish it with nuts.

Substitute Sugar with Jaggery

Substitute Sugar with Jaggery scaled

If sweet dishes are what you crave during the festive season but feel concerned about the intake of sugar in your body, Jaggery is what comes into play. The perfect healthy substitute for sugar, Dwaraka Organic’s Jaggery Whole and Jaggery Powder are non-harmful to your health, and you can enjoy your favorite sweet treats and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by preparing the delights with this ingredient. It enhances the flavors of your sweet dishes and gives you authentic, flavorful treats that make your festive feasts memorable. 

The above-mentioned ingredients are widely available in the product range of Dwaraka Organic. As previously mentioned, since they are natural products, you need not worry about the authentic taste and flavors of your dishes. So shop for these products from a grocery store near you, or you can also purchase them from Amazon! Buy them, and treat your guests with mind blowing, handmade, sweet delights this festive season.