Managing Working From Home During Lockdown

Pre-lockdown, we always imagined how much more convenient it would be if we got to work from home every day. Thinking about how we could get so much work done while still wearing our pajamas below the waist.

Well, that was before and the reality now is quite difficult. We have been working from home and doing so since the past month or more, but things are a lot more different than we imagined.

Isolation under the lockdown is getting to our heads and it’s getting difficult to manage our lives after being at home for so long. So we’ve done our research to understand how we can manage to work from home better and share it with you.

Here are some Tips For Working From Home

Dressing Professionally:

Nothing gets you going better than when you get up every morning and put an effort to get dressed professionally for work. Your brain is accustomed to going into work-mode once you’re dressed professionally.

It makes working from home a lot easier. Plus, those emergency video meetings won’t make you rush towards finding a shirt and combing your hair with your hand. It’s not that your co-workers would be any different, but it’s always good to be prepared, even when you’re home.

Designated Working Hours:

Start early, as you would do during a normal working day at the office. Be at your workspace exactly when your shift begins and try to get everything done before your working hours end.

Maintaining proper working hours not only helps you prioritize and organize work efficiently but also helps you manage the rest of your time at home better.

So, you should set your boundaries and make sure you keep yourself completely occupied during working hours.

Comfortable Workspace:

The key to having a pleasant time working from home during the quarantine is to make sure you have a comfortable workspace. An uncomfortable working environment leads to numerous disruptions and disturbances throughout the day as you keep on adjusting yourself to get comfortable.

The more comfortable your workspace is, the easier it is for you to settle down and focus only on your work. So make sure that your chair is very comfortable and supports your back and the environment around your desk is positive and motivating.

Try to avoid working from the bed and create a professional working environment.

Post and Pre-work Habits:

Did you have a long commute to work? Did you read or listen to music while you were traveling? Well, your brain is functioned to follow that routine to prepare you for work, and to make the transition easier, you should follow the same routine.

So, utilize your commute time by recreating the same scenario and perhaps listen to music or read a book for that short period. That will help your brain process the fact that you’re about to start the work and it will get easier for you to transition from home life to work life. Continue the same after-work routine.

If you had the habit of hitting the gym after work or any other activity, you should continue doing so at home as much as possible.

Communication is the Key:

Now that you’re comfortable with your work, let’s learn how to make it more efficient. The most difficult thing about working from home is the coordination with your team.

It’s very easy for you and your co-workers to get confused about the direction of work when you’re not physically present to communicate directly to them. So, you should always keep communicating with them and ask them about detailed updates of the work.

You should also update them about the status of your work to keep them motivated. It’s easier to correct a mistake right after they make it. The more you delay it, the more difficult it will get for you to correct the multiple mistakes that happened due to that minor misdirection. You can also make a to-do-list for them to follow when necessary and also be open to queries they might have about it.

These were some of the effective ways that we believe will make your work life at home better. Now that you know how to be efficient and comfortable while working from home, we advise you to follow the instructions, utilise these tips for working from home and avoid going out. Stay home and stay safe.