Moong Dal: One Ingredient, Many Dishes

Moong Dal is one of the healthiest lentils in the world. Loaded with nutrients, this amazing lentil is very commonly used in India. But its most common use is usually restricted to lentil soups or dal, that is a staple of every desi meal.

Considering how diverse this dal is, it’s a shame that it’s not being used in more dishes and recipes than this one staple diet. So here we’re going to learn some unique recipes that can be made with Moong Dal.


This savory dish is an Indian alternative to a pancake. You require very few
ingredients to make Moong Dal Cheela, namely onions, tomatoes, chilli, ginger, and common Indian dry spices. Just soak the Moong Dal overnight, turn it into a batter in a mixer. Mix all the ingredients with a Moong Dal batter and make very tasty Cheelas or savory pancakes with it.

Moong Dal Payasam:

A famous South Indian sweet dish made with jaggery and coconut milk, this light and nutty treat is considered comfort food for many people. Add to that, the depth of Moong Dal and you’ve got a very tasty and nourishing dessert.


Substituting rice with Moong Dal is always a great choice. Not only do you get the amazing flavors of the lentil in your breakfast, but you also make an already healthy Dosa into an even healthier treat.


You must have had or at least heard of Sooji Halwa. But did you know that
we can also make Halwa using Moong Dal? Believe it or not, Moong Dal halwa has its own fan base that prefer it over Sooji Halwa. As compared to Sooji or Semolina, Moong Dal tends to absorb a lot less oil. This allows you to make your favorite Indian sweet dish a little health-forward. Don’t forget that the depth in the flavor of Moong Dal adds to the sweet dish, making it more balanced and tasty.


You read that right! The famous Gujarati treat, Dhokla, can also be made with Moong Dal. Just substitute it with your traditional Chana Dal flour and enjoy a new variant of your favorite teatime dish!

Moong Dal Bhajiya:

Very common street food in Mumbai, Moong Dal Bhajiya is one dish that enhances the flavor of the healthy lentil and takes it to the next level. Just soak the Moong dal for an hour or two, depending on the kind of consistency you like. Mix it with onions, green chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, salt, and dry spices and mould it into small balls. Deep-fry it until golden brown and serve it hot. Dip your Bhajiya in some coconut chutney or enjoy it with your Chai!

Dal Kachori:

Another Indian street food from the streets of New Delhi, this spicy snack relies on the earthy flavor, Moong Dal. Top a Dal Kachori off with some yogurt, tamarind chutney, and coriander chutney to turn it into a complete meal of flavors blended to perfection.

Moong Dal Khichdi:

One of the ultimate comfort foods, khichdi is something every Indian finds solace in. Having a plate of Moong Dal Khichdi is the ultimate appetite pleasing experience to bring you peace, both in mind and body (read stomach).

How many of these amazing Moong Dal dishes have you already tried? If not, find the recipes online and start cooking immediately to know what you’re missing out on. As you’ve also read, Moong Dal can act as a very good substitute for other grains and lentils in many recipes. So you can also try to experiment with this healthy lentil and add more of it to
your diet. Shine under the Moong-light!