Safest sugar substitute

Battle of Sweeteners: Jaggery vs. Sugar

Sugar and Jaggery are two of the most common sweeteners used by Indians worldwide. Even though these sweeteners are different in taste and texture, they act as excellent substitutes for each other. But do you know why Jaggery is considered the safest sugar substitute? Read this blog to find out!

There’s nothing better than a variety of sweets to relish after a sumptuous meal. Sweets are a love language and a way to treat and pamper loved ones. Sweets solve many problems, but they may not be the same when it comes to the health and well-being of the body. Sweets may be the root cause of many health issues for people. 

You may have often heard people talk about using jaggery as a substitute for sugar for sweets. Do you think that jaggery is healthier than sugar and a better ingredient for the body? 

It is believed that Jaggery is the best sweetener and the safest sugar substitute in recent times. You can use jaggery in tea, kheer, sweet pickles, etc., instead of sugar. So, in the battle between jagger and sugar, why do you think Jaggery stands a better chance to win?

Let’s find out.

We bring you in this blog a few notable reasons that convincingly suggests Jaggery as the safest sugar substitute out of a variety of other sugar substitutes available in the market! 

1) Jaggery boasts excessive content of minerals and vitamins:

Both sugar and Jaggery are produced out of sugarcane juice. But it is the processing that brings the notable difference between the two sweeteners. On the one hand, sugar is processed with some chemicals and bleaching for refinement purposes. On the other hand, Jaggery is an entirely natural sweetener with zero chemicals. Moreover, it contains minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, etc., and also proves to be great for people suffering from anemia. It is one of the core reasons why Jaggery is considered the safest sugar substitute. 

2) The body absorbs Jaggery at a slower pace:

As mentioned in the previous point, sugar goes through many refining processes, and due to its refined nature, the body absorbs sugar instantly. But the safest sugar substitute, Jaggery, is not as fine as sugar, and therefore it is absorbed by the body at a much slower speed. It helps by not letting the blood sugar levels spike as swiftly as sugar consumption does.

3) It contains lesser calories than sugar:

Calories are a crucial threat to our bodies, and intake of excessive calories sure does lead to several issues that require medical attention. Sugar consumption at a higher rate is responsible for such issues. So when you consider choosing Jaggery instead of sugar, you bid goodbye to high calories since Jaggery contains a much lesser amount of calories than that of sugar. This is what makes jaggery a choice for a sweetener for people who are watching their weight.

4) Jaggery is an excellent immunity builder:

There are specific reasons why jaggery is considered a healthier option and the safest sugar substitute. The high content of antioxidants in Jaggery works towards building and strengthening our immunity. It results in keeping the diseases at bay. But sugar, due to its high calories content, has no nutritional value whatsoever and will keep your health in question.

5) Jaggery helps in the smooth functioning of our lungs:

In the onset of catching a cold, having a sore throat, or suffering from breathing issues, the safest sugar substitute is there to treat them all. Yes, you read that right! The antioxidants present in jaggery help eliminate the toxins and mucus out of our respiratory system. The anti-allergic properties help in issues like asthma, chest congestion, etc., by clearing the blocked passage.    

The benefits of Jaggery are more than what meets the eye, and it is considered the safest sugar substitute. If you’re wondering where to buy Jaggery from, then, first of all, you should choose to purchase organic Jaggery as that is the purest form of the ingredient. 

The above-mentioned jaggery benefits are enough to make you realize the harms of sugar and shift to Jaggery as a substitute sweetener. Check out our website for Dwarka Organic Jaggery Whole and Organic Jaggery Powder. You can also shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.