Jaggery Sweets

Delicious Sweets Made With Jaggery

Did you know that jaggery has been used in Ayurveda for over 3,000 years? Many Indian desserts include the use of this natural sweetener. In this blog, we will highlight some traditional and fusion jaggery sweets.  

Do you like sweets and also regret indulging in too much sugar? It’s time you switch to our organic sweeteners, jaggery whole, and jaggery powder. With innumerable benefits and no harmful chemicals, our organic jaggery is the best choice to enjoy sweets without regrets. 

Furthermore, many Indian traditional sweets include the use of jaggery for taste and its ayurvedic importance. It is said to have high amounts of iron, potassium, and other minerals. Hence, it is a preferred sweetener in most Asian households even today. Apart from its nutritional value, organic jaggery is also very flavorful.

In this blog, we will share some delicious jaggery sweets or desserts you must try making at home with our Organic Jaggery Whole or Organic Jaggery Powder.

Ragi Flour Ladoo With Jaggery

Ragi Flour Ladoo

Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a very nourishing and excellent source of minerals. Indians enjoy it in the form of laddus. Ragi Flour Ladoo is soft, flavorful, and very healthy winter food.

You can make these tiny wonders at home with our organic ragi flour, organic jaggery whole, ghee, and lots of nuts. In addition, you can choose to spice it up a bit by adding freshly-crushed organic black pepper whole.

Besan Halwa

Besan Halwa

Any amount of praise for Besan Halwa falls short. This delicious, gooey, and warm dessert is the star of any meal. Made with organic roasted chana flour, ghee, nuts, and organic jaggery powder, it is not less than a miracle.

Therefore, it is the go-to dessert for sweet cravings, and you must try making besan halwa and relish a guilt-free dessert from the comfort of your home. 

Rava Sheera Made With Jaggery

Rava Sheera

Rava sheera, also known as sooji halwa is one of the most-loved jaggery sweets in India. It is generally made as an offering to the gods and then distributed to devotees in the temples.

If you are missing home and wish to relish a comforting dessert, you must give rava sheera a try. Bring home our organic sooji coarse, organic jaggery whole, or organic jaggery powder and make it today. 

Lapsi - Jaggery Sweet


Lapsi is an Indian sweet dish made with cracked wheat, widely known as daliya. It has a soft texture and an earthy flavor. Hence, most Indians love it. In addition to its deliciousness, it has great benefits too.

It is a high-fiber dessert and an excellent source of minerals. Therefore, it is enjoyed all year round with a topping of nuts or even fresh cream. You must try making some lapsi at home with our organic cracked wheat, organic jaggery powder, and lots of ghee.

Rice Flour Halwa

Rice Flour Halwa

Out of many jaggery sweets that you may have heard of, rice flour halwa is the most uncommon. But it is a delicacy relished in southern India, especially during the rice harvest season.

It is a dark brown candy-like sweet with a chewy texture and a nutty flavor that comes from coconut milk. You can make it at home with our organic rice flour, organic sweeteners (jaggery powder / jaggery whole), fresh coconut milk, cashews, and almonds.

Oats Cookies Made With Jaggery

Oat & Jaggery Cookies

This guilt-free baked wonder is not only good for your health but also tastes fantastic. These cookies have nutrition, flavor, and deliciousness. Moreover, the use of oats flour adds crispness, and jaggery makes it soft and crumbly.

Hence, oat and jaggery cookies have the best of both worlds. They contain fiber from oats and minerals from our organic sweetener, jaggery powder. You should try making them at home with our organic ingredients like oats flour, organic jaggery powder, organic spices, and more. 

Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo

Besan ladoos are the quickest, easiest, and most delicious jaggery sweets you can make. Thus they are loved and relished in every Indian home. Besides, they are also known to be an excellent source of protein and minerals. You can make lip-smacking besan ladoo at home with our organic chana besan, organic jaggery whole, ghee, and freshly chopped almonds. 

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, organic jaggery is the best choice for making desserts. It aids digestion, increases iron content, and tastes excellent. What more could you ask from a natural sweetener. In the end, we all know that mother nature knows best!