Superfoods for Superwomen

Superfoods for Superwomen

         It’s no easy task being a woman. Imagine putting in the same amount of effort as men and also looking fantabulous while doing so! It’s hard to even imagine the amount of work it takes to be a woman. 

          Women, as we all know, are amazing at multitasking. It’s also in their nature to be perfectionists. In the midst of all the personal and professional chaos around them, they also manage to squeeze in self-care. I mean, seriously, where do they even get the time to do all this? While a man works on a 24 hours’ schedule, a woman probably gets 72 hours of work done in a day while sitting back and sipping on her cup of green tea. No wonder, we have a special day to celebrate these gladiators!

           This Women’s Day, let’s discuss some superfoods that turn every woman into a Superwoman!

1. Walnuts: Walnuts are naturally known to be extremely healthy for your brain. Walnuts have always been known to improve its strength and memory. What you might not know is that it promotes a healthy gut and helps in weight management. They also help cleanse the blood. These super-nuts should be a part of your daily diet, especially if you’re a woman on-the-go!

2. Turmeric: People in India have been known to use turmeric as a beauty product since ages. This amazing spice is really good for the skin and has always been considered as a very important ingredient in Indian cooking as well. The tradition of passing beauty tips that involved using a mixture of turmeric, milk and cream as a face cream has always been passed on in India, from generation to generation. That’s the reason behind why Indian women glow so much even during the toughest of times!

3. Beets: The best way to beat blood related problems. Beets, just like their color denotes, are good for blood. It also keeps your heart healthy and is known to take care of your eyes. And it doesn’t end there! It also helps with your stamina and takes care of your liver. This superfood compliments a Superwoman really well!

4. Oats: No matter what your diet, you always need something to digest it all. The best thing you can do for that is have some oats! Don’t get afraid by the fact that they are grains as they aid in weight management. They are also good for the blood and help you have a healthier life. No wonder women always start their day with a nice bowl of oats.

             That’s all folks! We gave you all the secrets we had about how you can be a Superwoman. Those guys going through this blog can also use these tips to be better men, but we doubt you’d be able to reach the same level. We all know that every woman is a mysterious being and her superpowers may vary from that of other women. So, there is no definite answer as to how you can be a gladiator for sure!