Traditional Holi food

Fun Facts about Holi Food

        There’s no better way to welcome the spring season than with the festivities of Holi. The festival of colors, love and together, this is a joyous occasion where Indians bring their families close and share their happiness with everyone. No matter where you are if you’re a desi, you will surely be in high spirits during this festival.

        Well, the colors are not the only reason to be in such high spirits. Another thing that this festival brings along with it is amazing food from different parts of the country. Sweet delicacies, namkeen (savory) munchies, piquant snacks and a variety of other festive flavors are what every Indian craves during this festival. So, let’s learn some interesting facts about some of the scrumptious treats that Indians crave during Holi.

1. Gujiya / Karanji: No matter what part of India you are from and what you call gujiya, this sweet treat is something you’ve always enjoyed during Holi. Did you know that it’s also a common tradition to make gujiyas at home during this festival? Gujiya is usually made with all-purpose flour and a stuffing of sweetened khoya, coconut and dry fruits. Some variations of gujiyas are also made with different fillings, some are coated with sugar, some with semolina flour and the list goes on. Gujiya is something that’s loved by everyone and is often offered to guests when they visit your home during Holi. If you’d ask us, we’d say the best time to visit your desi friends is during Holi, so you can try the variety of tasty gujiyas that they make.

2. Puran Poli: A Maharashtrian specialty and known by many different names around the country, this sweet flatbread is literally love on a plate. Pour some ghee (clarified butter) on top of a warm plate of them and you’ve got the perfect combination. It’s made with lentils, jaggery, sugar and plain flour. Some versions of this amazing delicacy also include dry fruits and/or nuts. When made with love, there is nothing better than a warm bite of this tasty dish along with a nice dip of spicy amti (lentil soup) to make your day a million times better. So next time you get the opportunity to have this heavenly combination, give it a try and you’d know exactly what we’re talking about!

3. Dahi Vada:  Or Dahi Bhalla, as they call it in North India, is a very popular chaat (piquant) item in India. Its popularity increases even further during the festival of colors. You’d find people having this a lot more frequently as we get closer to the spring season. Dahi Vada is a yogurt-based dish made with fried lentils balls, spicy coriander chutney, tamarind chutney and garnished with chilli powder, cumin powder, chat masala, salt and pepper. During Holi, this chaat is prepared in many Indian homes and enjoyed as an evening snack for family and guests alike.

We sure hope this got you drooling and even more excited for Holi. You can always consider trying to make these tasty dishes at home just like every Indian does across the world and offer it to your family and guests. One thing we’re confident about is that if you do so, you’d leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits you during the festival of colors!