Turmeric : The Golden spice of Indian Kitchen

Turmeric is a common ingredient of Indian kitchen and you will find its extensive use in almost every Indian household worldwide. But apart from the taste, color, and flavor it adds to dishes, it also comes with numerous health benefits. Read this blog to know about these!

Indian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes out of which numerous delicacies have one common ingredient in their preparation. This ingredient is none other than the widely used golden spice, Turmeric.

Turmeric is widely known in Indian households as Haldi and besides adding a distinct color and flavor to our dishes, Turmeric’s existence as a daily used ingredient is due to several reasons. Other than the massive health benefits of Turmeric, which we will come to in a moment, let us know about some more uses of this spice apart from Indian kitchen.

Haldi is considered auspicious in Indian households and if you are familiar with Hindu weddings, you will notice that there is a dedicated Haldi function in all marriage ceremonies. Besides that, while distributing wedding invitation cards, sometimes,  people tend to put a pinch of turmeric on the cards as a sign of good fortune and blessed conjugal life of the bride and groom.

Due to its benefits, turmeric is placed as one of the top spices that are used in Indian kitchen and at the same time, it is also considered a special Indian traditional medicine. But before we get into the benefits of turmeric, let us get to know a little something about the turmeric plant.

The specialty of a turmeric plant lies in the fact that it can be grown anytime all round the year. The most essential aspect of this plant is the root that resembles that of ginger but the difference is that when you open up the roots, your hands will instantly turn yellow in color. Besides that, when added to a dish, it tastes delicious because of the distinctly earthy smell of turmeric.

It is widely believed that one can acquire the best benefits of turmeric while consuming it in the raw form. In the books of ayurveda, turmeric is considered as one of the most significant ingredients that go into the preparation of medicines. Haldi dudh or turmeric milk is something that is prepared with raw turmeric and when you consume it, haldi milk benefits us in more ways than one.

No wonder turmeric is known to be the spice of life besides its use for food preparation in Indian kitchen because the multiple values it boasts are beneficial to our health in unparalleled measures. So as we were saying, consumption of haldi milk helps improve digestion and fight cancer. Additionally, turmeric is also a natural antioxidant and it aids in prevention of heart diseases. The high content of curcumin in turmeric, makes it a typical spice that also involves in aiding anxiety, therefore we can easily say that turmeric also contains antidepressant properties.

So, now that you know about the numerous beneficial values of haldi, you must be eager to ensure its inclusion in your daily diet. But, you must take care of one thing, the artificially enhanced or chemical infused variants of this spice will never give you the pure form of benefits that you seek from it. Thus, you should choose to buy only organic turmeric because it is the purest produce of nature and it will surely add more to your health than the products that are tampered with.

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