Types of Rajma

All About Rajma And Types Of Rajma

Types Of Rajma

Rajma is a dish that won people’s hearts with its simplicity and uniqueness. In the midst of a pandemic, Rajma makes cooking at home effortless. Apart from its ease of preparation, it serves multiple purposes. Rajma can be the perfect dinner after a long day at work, a quick lunch in the middle of meetings, and a celebratory dish during festivals.

Historically, people in all parts of India, from the North to the South, have considered Rajma to be a staple in their diet. There are three types of Rajma that can be found in the Indian market:

Chitra Rajma:

This type of Rajma’s name “Chitra Rajma” is symbolic of its appearance. Chitra, a Hindi word, means a picture or a portrait and is suggestive of a unique look. Chitra Rajma is known for its shaded light brown and white coloring and speckled appearance. This type of Rajma is commonly harvested in the Himalayan region. Apart from its visual characteristics, it has several nutritional benefits such as being a good source of protein, fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B and C as well.

Jammu Rajma:

Also known as Red Kidney Beans, and it tends to be smaller in size. As its red outside would imply, these beans are extremely rich in iron and can provide much-needed energy boosts. Like the Chitra Rajma, the Jammu Rajma is also eye-catching.

However, this time it’s not the coloring or pattern, but the Rajma’s similarity to the shape of the Kidney that makes it stand out. While this kind of Rajma is cherished all over India, its aroma can be especially found in the Northern regions of the country. Jammu Rajma, reflective of its name, is an extremely popular dish in areas around the Himalayas.

Red Rajma:

Jammu Rajma & Red Rajma have a lot in common. Just like Jammu Rajma, Red Rajma is known for its rich iron and fiber content. Fascinatingly, Red Rajma, too, is sometimes called the Kidney bean. Additionally, it is also famous in the Northern regions of India. However, Red Rajma has its own diverse features too. To begin with, it is usually larger than Jammu Rajma. Secondly, it has the unbeatable ability to absorb and hold multiple flavors. It is this ability that makes Red Rajma savory and loved by everyone around the world.

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