Desi Cooking

Smart Substitutes for Desi Cooking

Smart Substitutes for Desi Cooking

With all that’s going around right now, it’s difficult to even imagine getting out of the house. It may not be possible to get everything you need to cook a fresh home-cooked meal, especially if you’re making Indian food.

It is important to get all the ingredients that enhance the flavors of the recipes you cook and sometimes, those ingredients are not at your disposal.

We’ll discuss some of those amazing ingredients that make desi food so lip-smacking and how we can substitute those ingredients with some other easily available options.


This zesty ingredient is a star of many desi dishes. But sometimes we don’t have it readily available. Especially right now, when it’s so easy to run out of the fresh lemon.

In such a scenario, you can opt to use some Dwaraka Organic Amchur Powder to add that zest of flavour!


Cardamom is a very commonly used spice in Indian curries and dals (lentil soups). So much so that you may end up finishing what you have at home pretty soon.

At such times, you can also use some Cinnamon and Cloves as a substitute to the fragrant spice.

Caraway Seeds:

This amazing spice is known for its mildly sweet flavor. It is not as commonly used in daily cooking, but as it turns out, you don’t have it when you need it the most.

In such cases, you can use roasted Cumin seeds, which come from the same family.

Chat Masala:

This piquant spice mix is known as the life of a desi chaat. It adds so much flavor to the dish that you don’t need to add any other masala to make your snack more appetizing.

Considering how often you might use it, you’ll definitely run out of it. You can substitute it with Amchur Powder for that added zing!

Whole Wheat Flour:

A complete desi meal is incomplete without some warm rotis. Rotis are one of the most common staples in India.

So, it’s not a surprise that people do run out of whole wheat flour pretty soon. If such a time arises, you substitute your favorite Indian bread with a healthier alternative.

Knead your dough with some Bajra Flour, Ragi Flour, or Jowar Flour and make some amazing bhakris!

Cooking is all about patience and learning. Being in a state of lockdown, you have a lot of time to patiently learn the art and perfect it.

Because, in the end, it’s all about the amazing flavors that ooze from your preparation.

So, do a ‘taste test’ every time you add something and your buds will lead you to the right direction.