Baking TIps

5 Baking Tips for the Holiday Season

They say cooking is an art and baking is a science. 

And there’s a reason they say that. 

While cooking is relatively an easier task, baking is an intricate one. But fret not, we’re here with some tips that will help you bake flawlessly for the Holiday Season. 

Gear up, tips coming through!

1. Follow the recipe to the T

When you’re baking something, always stick to the recipe, modification in a few ingredients or quantities may end up altering the taste of your dish. (And you wouldn’t want that!)

2. Measurement is the key

Every recipe has a different measurement, and tampering with the measurement can hamper your dish. Try to stick to the amounts mentioned in the metric system, if not, at least try not to deviate from the measurement of the scoops and cups. 

3. Quality of the ingredients

A lot depends on the quality of the ingredients, like – the taste, the texture, the fluff, the crunch, the longevity of the dish. Make sure you use ingredients of the highest quality, irrespective of the amount used in the recipe. Using chemical-free, pesticide-free, organic products will produce a fabulous dish – taste and quality wise.  

4. Temperature

If your recipe does not give any specifications about the temperature, stick to baking with ingredients at room temperature. A lot changes when the ingredients used are frozen or melted. 

5. Make a test batch

If you’re baking cookies, or anything that can be made in small quantities, make a test batch. Use small amounts of the batter, bake them and try them, and modify the taste/temperature/settings accordingly to gain the best result. 

Now that you have some easy (and important) tips up your sleeve, baking will be a piece of cake!