Keeping It Up with Christmas Traditions

When someone said the magic of Christmas doesn’t end, they were right. 

The jolly season of presents, excitement and snow is here! Christmas is most probably the best thing that December offers us. Well, except all the Hot Cocoas, Cappuccinos, Soups and the classic Mac & Cheese. But then again, we get all of these because of snowy December.  

Today, we’re here to remind you of the Christmas traditions that you might have forgotten and give you a bit of its origin story. Let’s start! 

1. Hang ‘em all! 

These can be funky, colorful, plain, or of your favorite Marvel character – as long as they are socks, just go on and hang them. The modern version of the origin story says that this was started with the old tradition of children leaving out shoes filled with hay on the St. of Nicholas’ feast day. The hays in these shoes would be then replaced with coins. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might get something too! So don’t forget to hang your socks!

2. “My Christmas tree is better than yours!”

Finding the most gorgeous Christmas tree is a task and decorating it is another one. Did you know that evergreen boughs were used to decorate homes even before it became a part of Christmas celebrations? It started with decorating the tree with apples on December 24th – Adam and Eve’s Name day – representing ‘Paradise Trees’. And then it was just a matter of time till this decorative idea was incorporated into our Christmas celebrations! (And gave rise to the competition of whose tree would be more beautiful than the others). 

3.Carol, Carol, Carooolllll! 

Serenading in Christmas – a tradition that gives all the aspiring child singers a chance to showcase their skills to the neighborhood! It’s fun for both the kids and the adults. This face-to-face serenading dates to the 19th century. Not to say that greeting warm Christmas wishes wasn’t a tradition before – it was. Just minus the singing. Make a list of your top 5 Christmas Carols and get ready to sing! 

4. An Advent Calendar Countdown

An Advent Calendar is an exciting four-week countdown to Christmas. These can be DIYs or bought from the shop, but the fun part is – the little doors that contain chocolates, candies, toys or other things. It was created by Gerhard Lang in the early 1900s. Countdown to the real fun – Christmas – with this! Tip: If you want, you can put in LEGO characters for your kids! 

5. Don’t miss the Mistletoe! 

With so many songs, carols, and quotes about the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, you know that this is an important one! It adds a romantic touch to the holiday celebrations. This ‘kissing under the mistletoe’ was made popular in the 18th century by English servants, and guess who’s glad that this tradition stuck around? Yes, you! For singles and soon-to-be-married, this already is a great proposal idea in disguise. Make the most of it! 

6. Singing and binge-watching 

Sing your heart out while listening to your favorite Christmas songs 24×7 or binge-watch classic (or new) Christmas movies! No one will complain. Most probably, they’ll just join you and you’ll get to spend extra time with your family and friends! After working off a whole year, spend awesome quality time with them. No one knows how this started, but we glad it did!

Believe in the magic of Christmas. 

And try to keep up with all these Christmas traditions! 

Here’s wishing you all, a Merry Christmas!