Holiday Special Baked Goodies

‘Tis the time to indulge in delicious food!

Holidays, the time for fun, celebrations, and reliving the traditions. There’s joy all around, with shimmery decoration, the Christmas tree, the presents, and the FOOD! *Drool Drool*

Isn’t that the most exciting part of the celebration? For us it is!

So, here’s a list of dishes you can add to your Holiday Special menu, because every day of the holiday season is special!

1. Bake Cookies 

Loved and relished by all, cookies are easy to make. This Holiday Season, make cookies with organic Maida. Bake some choco-chip cookies, cinnamon cookies, or any other flavor, either way cookies are the most delectable quick snacks for the Holiday Season. 

2. Bake A Christmas Cake 

What’s Christmas without some cake? Make the most delicious one with the goodness of organic flour. Organic ingredients will enhance the flavor and texture of the cake and give you the most unforgettable one. 

3. Veggie Pie

Instead of a minced one, treat your friends with a vegetarian pie, this Holiday Season. Give it a twist with our organic ingredients and spices. 

4. Roasted Butternut Squash

This easy vegetarian dish can be made quickly. Make it with spices, herbs and goat’s cheese and serve it along with other delicious dishes. 

5. Melty Mushroom Wellingtons

Perfect for a winter night, Wellingtons filled with mushrooms, herbs and spices is a must-try with our organic products. 

Which one of these are you going to try tonight? Try them with our organic food products.