Groceries last longer

7 Tips for Making Indian Groceries Last Longer

Finding authentic Indian groceries in the USA is a boon; throwing away such precious items could be painful. We often stack up on groceries and essential goods for emergencies like harsh winters or heat waves. Well, essential and packed food can last longer; what about your groceries? Here are 7 tips you can follow to make your groceries last longer!

Properly storing food and groceries is an important and challenging chore these days. Usually, we keep some essential food items and groceries in stock for emergencies or regular use.

While we can hardly find any time to go out every day and buy groceries for the kitchen, making your groceries last longer is the only option we can have to use them for longer.

Storing groceries correctly will protect them from contamination, damage, or deterioration, thus making them last longer.

Efforts to make groceries last longer can reduce your grocery bills, avoid wastage, save money, and keep the food’s nutrition intact, supporting better health. So, for everyone looking for ways to keep groceries last longer, we bring a list of some of the storage tricks.

7 ways to keep groceries last longer

Keep herbs in water

Herbs like coriander, mint and different green leafy vegetables from your pantry may lose their moisture and dry away. You can store your herbs in a small water-filled container to avoid this. Make sure you soak the roots properly.  Keeping this container in the window where it can get enough sunlight will help them retain its freshness for longer. If you want to store them in the freezer, just drain, dry, and keep them in airtight freezer bags or containers. Your herbs and leafy vegetables should stay fresh for much longer.

Freeze the dairy products

To make your favorite dairy like milk, paneer, cheese, and curd, last longer, you need to keep them in the freezer. Freezing them is an ideal way to stop these items from spoiling.

Store fruits and vegetables in the fridge separately

Once you get fresh vegetables and fruits from the local grocery shop, avoid stuffing them in your refrigerator. Keep vegetables and fruits in separate containers in the freezer. For example, you can store them outside in a dry place to keep them juicy. Keep apples, oranges, and limes freely without any outer packaging; they will last for up to a week. You can keep bananas, grapes, and uncut watermelons at room temperature.

Store spices in dry conditions

Finding pure Indian herbs and spices in the USA is difficult. So, if you get your hands on your favorite Indian spices, ensure you keep them in a way that they would last for up to 6 months. Put whole and powdered spices in dry conditions. If you prefer freezing your spices, make sure you store them in tight containers in the refrigerator away from water to avoid spoiling. Use organic spices from Dwaraka Organic. They come with a better shelf life.

Storing flour and keeping it fresh

Bugs and weevils may spoil your favorite flours. To keep your flours safe and away from bugs, make sure you store them in air-tight containers. If you want a simple kitchen hack to keep your flour safe, put a bay leaf in or near your flour container.

Properly storing your cooking oils

Storing your cooking oils can have a big impact when you really want to enjoy their freshness, flavor, and overall quality. An ideal temperature for oils in bulk quantities is between 50° and 64° F. For regular cooking, keep your oils in the dark containers away from sunlight. Also, keep the oils away from the air otherwise they will go flavorless in a few days.

Storing different types of pulses

Pulses and legumes can help you prepare some comforting Indian meals as simple as rice, dal, or khichadi. If you buy different types of pulses, make sure you buy them according to your requirement from busy stores. We recommend you buy them from Dwaraka Organic, which come in organic forms to help you gain better health. To maintain their freshness and nutrition, make sure you store dry pulses in airtight containers. Keep them away from sunlight to avoid spoilage, and store cooked pulses in airtight containers in the refrigerator.

The tips mentioned here will make your Indian groceries last longer! With Dwaraka Organic, enjoying authentic Indian grocery items has become even easier.

To get the best out of your daily diet, we highly recommend choosing organic products for your kitchen. Organic pulses, spices, oils, flours, and cooking pastes come with better shelf life and help you achieve your goal of making groceries last longer.

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