Organic Chana Besan

5 Super Health Benefits of Organic Chana Besan

Chana Besan is a common ingredient in almost every Indian household. All those lip-smacking pakoras we enjoy are made of this highly nutritious ingredient. But we are here to tell you why it is better to use Organic Chana Besan and the health benefits it carries. So read on!     

What is Chana Besan? 

Chana Besan, or as it is called, Gram Flour, is a ground form of what we know as Chana Dal. It is widely used by Indians worldwide, especially to make pakoras, for soup-thickening or as a healthy substitute for wheat flour. Additionally, it is also put to good use while making a variety of sweets in Indian cuisine. 

It would be best if you always chose to use Organic Chana Besan to experience the most authentic taste and the numerous beneficial factors this incredibly versatile ingredient boasts. We will come to the benefits in a while but first, let us address the most obvious question. 

What dishes can we make with Organic Chana Besan?

As mentioned, Chana Besan is used extensively to make fried items and sweets. But certain dishes that taste the best when you use Organic Chana Besan are Kadhi Pakoda, Besan Chilla, Batata Vada, Besan Ladoos, and Besan Halwa. Several other dishes can indeed be made with this ingredient, but we chose to name these for you as we have detailed recipes for these dishes, which you can check out on our website. 

Now that you know some dishes you can make with Organic Chana Besan and their respective recipes, let us address another fact.

Why is it better to use Organic Chana Besan? 

We often read and hear a lot about several facts that confirm Organic food is much safer to consume than food prepared with artificially enhanced and chemical-induced ingredients. So that is a definitive reason we emphasize using Organic Chana Besan for your dishes. But Chana Besan also contains numerous nutritious elements that make food good for your heart and the rest of the body. 

What are the benefits of besan?

From a broader perspective, Organic Chana Besan is highly rich in protein fiber. It is gluten-free and strengthens the immune system to a great level. But there are some more beneficial factors of this ingredient which you should know. 

The following are the most notable 5 benefits of Organic Chana Besan:

  • It is highly beneficial for the heart

    Besan contains a high amount of soluble fiber that helps keep our cholesterol levels under control, which in turn helps in the proper functioning of our heart.

  • It is responsible for lowering diabetes

    Organic Chana Besan is the healthier substitute for wheat flour because it has lower glycemic index levels and works towards keeping diabetes low.

  • It is anti-allergic

    If you are prone to getting allergies from gluten, again, Chana Besan is the perfect wheat substitute as the latter contains gluten and Organic Chana Besan is 100%  gluten-free. 

  • It helps in weight loss

    Including besan in your daily diet helps burn calories and keeps you from excess calorie intake, which results in satisfactory weight loss progress.

  • It works towards skin tightening

    Organic Chana Besan is your way to go if you’re looking for home remedies for skin issues. This versatile ingredient ideally takes care of everything from nourishment of the skin, tan removal to almost every intricate home-friendly skincare activity.

The above-mentioned information about Organic Chana Besan will undoubtedly make you consider including it in your diet. So if you’re wondering where to buy Besan, don’t worry! Dwaraka Organic brings you the 100% fresh, authentic, Organic Chana Besan, so you can check out our website for the product and buy it. You can also shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.