Make it a Night to Remember Date Night In Ideas

Love is in the air! Too cliché? Yes, we know! But, it’s true, the month of love is here! It’s time to make that special someone feel extra special!

What’s wrong? Don’t know how to make your special someone feel extra special on this romantic occasion? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

At Home Date Night Ideas:

Firstly, you can always rely on having a memorable date night at home. That’s what this blog is about. Because having a date in a familiar atmosphere makes it easy for you to control how it goes, as long as you’re prepared.

So, the real question here is, what can you do on a date night in? Here are some ideas…

Game Night:

What better way to keep it fun than having a game night? Games like Twister and Poker *wink wink* are always fun. You can also play Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno, Truth & Dare, Dice & Spice and many more.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide where you would like to take the night. Choosing multiple games also helps you control the flow of the evening.

Candlelight Dinner:

The classic! A candlelight dinner is the best and most romantic way to get this rolling. Of course, adding the fact that it’s at your home and you’ve cooked some amazing food to go with it are added advantages.

There are many things you can plan in and around such a plan. Having various courses of tasty meals, having a drink at the patio under the stars, a bubble bath or anything that you both love doing together.

In-house Spa:

Having a spa night is one of the most relaxing ideas you can think of for date night. It definitely feels luxurious. Having your partner beside you while you get a nice massage, get yourself taken care of and reach a stage of bodily nirvana is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

This also gets you closer while you unwind together after a stressful day, week, month or year. We highly recommend hiring professionals to get the job done and just focus on relaxing and being together.

Karaoke Night:

Bonding over music, singing, food, and drinks is sure to get you riled up for a great night. Arrange some snacks, grab a variety of cocktails and just go wild over the mic. Watch your partner perform their hearts out over their favorite songs or make it romantic over a lovey-dovey duet, whatever works, make it happen!

Binge Night:

Have a series you two have been meaning to catch up? Or maybe start something new that you both have been wanting to watch. Why not make a date out of it? Grab some chips, dips, popcorn. Set up the TV, the couch, loads and loads of pillows and a few nice and warm blankets. Of course, make sure you got the series set up on your choice of streaming services and ready to go!

A Cook-off Date:

Yeah, you read that right! Nothing gets the blood pumping more than a challenge. Especially if both of you are into cooking. Keep it simple but aim for the best. Share the courses. One does soup and entree and the other makes an appetizer and some dessert. Make it a meal out of it and enjoy it together. You can also judge it and decide on who did better. The winner decides how the rest of the night goes. That adds some spontaneousness to the whole date.

We hope that helped! Of course, you know your significant other might love a lot better than us, but we just can’t stop rooting for you! Try our at home date night ideas…

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