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Kitchen King Masala – A Flavorful Spice Mix

If you have Indian Kitchen King masala on your shelf, you don’t have to rely on anything else while cooking any spicy dish! That’s the truth about Kitchen King masala, a unique blend of different spices to enhance your dishes’ flavors and aroma. Just sprinkling it once during cooking can take the whole recipe to another level. Read on to know more about Indian Kitchen King masala, how you can use it, and its benefits.

So many call it a versatile spice mix and king of ready-to-use spices; Indian Kitchen King masala is an authentic hero spice that makes every spicy dish wonderful and tasty. If you desire a tangy flavor in your curries or sabzis, having only Kitchen King masala in your collection is enough.

Let’s explore more about this king of spices.

What is Indian Kitchen King masala?

Kitchen King masala is a wonderful spice mix created using more than 20 spices and does wonders when you add them to Indian dishes. You can prepare hundreds of different dishes using only this single blended masala.

Which ingredients are used in Kitchen King masala?

Indian Kitchen King masala can include over 20 spices in its making. Some of the ingredients are as follows:

You can see how Kitchen King masala is prepared with so many excellent ingredients. Every ingredient in this fantastic curry powder infuses a pleasant aroma and spicy punch and taste to the dishes.

How to use Kitchen King masala?

  • Kitchen King masala can be used in many Indian sabzis like mixed vegetables, chole, dals, pav bhaji, pulav, biryani, and more.
  • You can use Kitchen King masala while preparing delicious appetizers like paneer tikka and seekh kababs. 
  • Kitchen King masala is popularly used in tasty Punjabi and north-Indian dishes.
  • Especially in North Indian curries, when you sauté base ingredients in oil, you can add Kitchen King masala to make your curries flavorsome.

Indian Kitchen King masala passes a unique aroma to the curries and sabzis and can be used in daily cooking.

How much Kitchen King masala to use?

You can use one teaspoon of this spice powder for a recipe being made for 4-5 people.

Which Kitchen King masala is best?

Kitchen King masala from different manufacturers come with slightly different tastes. If you are looking for the best Kitchen King masala, we highly recommend choosing one made with organic spices. 

Organic spices are cultivated with the help of natural manure and compost. This makes them free from any pesticides or harmful agricultural chemicals. Organic spices are more nutritious and can prove better for your health. Using organic food products can help you tackle different diseases over time. Using simply organic spices can be bliss for your health.

Dwaraka Organic’s Kitchen King Masala is made with a blend of all essential complete organic spices, which helps you get the best out of any recipe you make.

Health benefits of Kitchen King masala

Kitchen King masala is full of precious health benefits. This is because of the beautiful blend of spices used in it. Here are a few health benefits of the masala:

  • Turmeric in the Kitchen King masala is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Turmeric is good for stomach, skin, and heart and liver issues.
  • Fenugreek, coriander, cumin, garlic, and black pepper in this excellent masala powder are rich sources of iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. All these are also good sources of Vitamins A, C, and D.
  • Ginger helps cure cold, sore throat, general nausea, and morning sickness.
  • Cumin can help with bloating, stomach acid, and gases and provides relief in indigestion.
  • Coriander is good in treating diarrhea and can help women with undue menstrual flow.
  • Cinnamon in Kitchen King masala is good if one has inflammation in the body.
  • Black pepper may help lose weight, fight cancers, and promote digestion.
  • All the ingredients in Indian Kitchen King masala can help in chronic medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

Now that you know that Kitchen King masala is so useful, you can freshen up all your recipes with this delicious curry powder! It brings so many benefits to your regular cooking and adds flavor and aroma to your Indian dishes.

At Dwaraka Organic, we bring you this king of all masalas in a convenient pack of 100g (3.5oz). We prepare this blend of spices at our hygienic facility using all organic ingredients. Being prepared with organic ingredients makes it the best for you.

Kitchen King masala is a must for you as it can substitute in situations when you don’t have any other masala while cooking. It contains all the ingredients you need for a better taste and aroma in your Indian cooking. So, don’t forget to include Kitchen King masala on your next grocery shopping list.

Explore a range of spices from Dwaraka Organic and buy Indian Kitchen King masala from the nearby grocery store, or you can also shop for our organic products at Amazon.

We wish you happy cooking and healthy living!