Janmashtami Prasad

Prepare Janmashtami Prasad With Dwaraka Organic’s Ingredients

Janmashtami is right around the corner, and thus, it is time to celebrate in the best possible ways. Read this blog, where we bring you facts about this auspicious day and some special Janmashtami Prasad ideas for Lord Krishna that you can easily prepare with ingredients from Dwaraka Organic.

Janmashtami, also known as Krishna Janmashtami, is a Hindu festival celebrated widely amongst Indians worldwide. On this special day, it is common for people to wear traditional attire and decorate their homes to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, who is an incarnation of Vishnu. There are sweet treats and delicious dishes that are prepared as Janmashtami Prasad to offer to Lord Krishna. Preparing some mouthwatering Prasad is a traditional ritual of Janmashtami celebrations, and people do it with utmost joy and happiness.

If you are curious about how this day is celebrated in detail, you can read the blog All About Janmashtami – History, Tradition, and Food on our website. But here we will be talking only about some easy Janmashtami Prasad recipes you can try at home to offer Lord Krishna. 

While preparing Janmashtami Prasad, we insist that you get hold of the required ingredients from Dwaraka Organic. Dwaraka, the sacred birthplace of Lord Krishna, emanates an aura of purity and divinity that mirrors the Lord himself. In a similar way, our brand upholds this sanctity by offering 100% organic, natural, and pure products straight from the farms without going through any artificial enhancements or tampering. So, it is undoubtedly the best choice of ingredients to prepare Prasad for this pure and auspicious occasion.

Read this blog, where we bring you a sweet dish list for you to prepare the best Janmashtami Prasad at home! 

Dalia Kheer

Dalia Kheer jpg

One of the most-loved delicious desi desserts, Dalia Kheer is a creamy sweet treat that fills us with delightfulness. It is a rice pudding and is fulfilling and wholesome. You can easily prepare this dish at home with ingredients of Kheer, such as Green Cardamom, Jaggery, Cracked Wheat, etc., from Dwaraka Organic. So prepare this soul-satisfying dish and offer it as prasad to Kanhaiya to make him happy on this day!  


Malpua jpg

The gift of Bengal to all Indians worldwide, Malpua is a sweet treat that instantly makes one fall in love with it. You can get the ingredients you require, such as Organic Maida Flour, Fennel, etc., from Dwaraka Organic and prepare this mouthwatering sweet. Malpua is the finest inclusion in the Janmashtami Prasad as it emits the sweetness of love and devotion, so you celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in the best way. We have a detailed recipe for Malpua on our website so that you can look it up here:


Gujiya jpg

Commonly prepared with nuts, mixed dry fruits, ghee, and khoya, Gujiya is a favorite sweet treat of almost every Indian. These pastries come in crescent shapes and have the most delightful sweet fillings you will ever get in any other mithai. Dwaraka Organic brings you all the essential ingredients you need for this sweet, such as Jaggery, Groundnut Oil, and Maida Flour, and you can easily prepare it at home and offer it to Lord Krishna as prasad. We also have a detailed recipe for Gujiya so that you can prepare it easily without any hassle. Check out the recipe here:


Sheera jpg

Widely known as Sooji Ka Halwa, Sheera is a typical Indian sweet dish that is present in almost all religious practices. So including this delicacy in the menu of Janmashtami Prasad is a must. You can get ingredients such as Jaggery Powder, Sooji Coarse, Green Cardamom, and all from Dwaraka Organic and prepare this dish with these pure products for enhanced flavors and guaranteed purity. We bring you a recipe just in case you need some help while making it, so check it out here:

Besan Halwa

Besan Halwa jpg

When we talk about prasad for any religious occasion in India, Besan Halwa happens to be a common sweet dish included in the Prasad. It is one of the most divine sweet treats of Indian cuisine, and when you prepare it with the organic ingredients of Dwaraka Organic, like Besan, Green Cardamom, Jaggery Powder, etc., the taste and flavors go up instantly. If you are unaware of the process of cooking this tasty delight, then check out this detailed recipe, and you will get done with preparing it within a few minutes with utmost ease. Look up the recipe for Besan Halwa here:

The above-mentioned sweet delights are the perfect options for Janmashtami Prasad. We assure you that preparing these dishes with Dwaraka Organic’s pure ingredients will indeed make it a Happy Janmashtami for you and Lord Krishna. Shop for these natural and organic products of Dwaraka Organic from a grocery store near you, or you can also buy them from Amazon.