benefits of jowar

The noteworthy Health Benefits of Jowar!

Jowar, one of the most healthy grains on the planet, is widely consumed in almost every other Indian household in the form of rotis made with Jowar flour. But do you know why Jowar should be included in your daily diet? Read this blog to learn about the reasons..

An ancient crop believed to have African origins, Jowar is also known as Sorghum. It holds the fifth position in the list of the most important crops in the world. Farmers prefer this crop primarily because it is not affected by droughts and requires minimal water for cultivation. 

The most common form of having Jowar is by turning this white millet grain into flour and then making rotis (flatbreads) with it for consumption. The health benefits of Jowar are unparalleled, which is why it is widely available in almost every Indian household. 

What is Jowar flour made from?

Jowar or Sorghum flour is made by roasting the Jowar grains, dried and blended well until it becomes a smooth powder. Once that is done, you have the healthiest millet flour ready to consume. 

Can Jowar be eaten every day?

Most definitely, yes! Including the crop in your daily diet is better because it keeps you in the pink of your health. It is gluten-free and, therefore, a healthier alternative to wheat flour or maida.  

Jowar is also used in making porridges, Bhakhris, and Theplas. You can even add Jowar in the rice batter if you’re preparing some Idli or Dosa.

What are the notable health benefits of Jowar?

As it is known mainly for, the weight loss factors of Jowar have made numerous people achieve their goals for a fit and healthy lifestyle by including the crop in their daily diet. But there are several health benefits of Jowar that will surely increase your desire to consume it daily.  

  • Jowar is a rich source of nutrients

    The nutritional elements of Jowar are proteins, fibers, iron, calcium, and magnesium. This crop also boasts a high content of anti-cancerous properties and keeps the free radicals restricted from letting our bodies age prematurely.

  • It keeps our blood sugar levels under control

    A carbohydrate of complex nature, Jowar brings a gradual increase in the level of blood sugar as it undergoes a slower digestion process. For this reason, people with diabetes and obesity prefer Jowar so much.

  • Jowar improves our heart health  

    The high fiber content of Jowar keeps our cholesterol levels in a lower range. This, in turn, positively affects our heart health. Due to lowered cholesterol levels, we run fewer risks and chances of getting diagnosed with heart diseases or strokes. 

  • It boosts our immunity  

    The contents of Jowar strengthen our bones and tissues, and the high iron content also significantly increases the number of red blood cells. All of this helps in boosting our immunity levels. 

The notable health benefits of Jowar mentioned above are for you to try it out yourself and experience the change and betterment in health results. So if you’re wondering where to buy Jowar flour, do not worry! We bring you a range of organic flours, so you can check out our website for pure, natural, and Organic Jowar Flour. You can also shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.