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Easy Dishes To Make Women’s Day Special

Women have always been the driving force of a family! So, on the occasion of Women’s Day, how about you treat the women in your life with a hearty meal full of delicious dishes? Read this blog to learn about some of the easy dishes you can make for the Women’s Day celebration!

Women’s Day is a special occasion, and people worldwide celebrate it to honor the incredible women in their lives. This year marks the 111th  International Women’s Day celebration. On this day,  the men and the kids of a family try to do everything that can make the women in their lives feel special. Women are constantly juggling various things together, from work to taking care of the family. So how about surprising them on this year’s Women’s Day celebration by surprising them with a tasty meal cooked at home? 

Don’t know how to cook delightful food? Worry not, we’re here to help you choose the right dishes that are easy to cook and also taste delicious. If you are determined to surprise the women of your life with some easy culinary delights, then read on! 

This blog brings you some delicious and easy food to make for a perfect Women’s Day celebration! Head to the kitchen and cook these amazing dishes for the women in your life and wish them a Happy Women’s Day. Let’s get right in! 

1) Appetizers:

A full-fledged meal for a Women’s Day celebration has to have some amazing appetizers to start with. You can try making Besan Chilla, a delicious Indian-style pancake made with gram flour.  Along with it, you can also make some delectable paneer rolls. These are easy-to-cook meals, and if you need some information on how to make these dishes, you can refer to the recipes. 

However, if you’re a little experienced in cooking or wish to try out a little more complicated recipe then you can choose some dishes like Gobi Manchurian, Thalipeeth, Moong Dal Samosa, etc. 

2) Main Course:

After the mouthwatering starters, all that you need are some delicious main course dishes. So let’s keep it simple and tasty. You can make some different rice variants, such as Tomato Rice and Curd Rice. Curd Rice can is to be eaten cold or at room temperature. Tomato Rice is exceptionally flavorful, and it is also easy to cook. Both these two dishes go well with curries. These are easy to make, and if you click on the dishes, it will lead you to their respective recipes on our website. 

A little more favorite for many, but a little more complicated to make, Vegetable Biryani is also another option that you can try. 

3) Desserts:

Now that you have served a tasty and sumptuous meal, it’s time for a special dessert for your Women’s Day celebration. We all know that chocolates are a Way To A Woman’s Heart and therefore the dessert has to be something with chocolates. Chocolate and Cinnamon Mug Cake is one of the most delicious and quick desserts that you can make. You need basic ingredients like cocoa powder, organic cinnamon powder, milk, sugar, etc. All you have to do is mix all the contents well in a microwave-proof mug and let it cook for about two minutes, and it will be ready! 

If you wish to choose some more desserts then there are many different options that you can try to include in the menu. Gajar ka Halwa, Gulab Jamun CakeGur Ki Kheer, Besan Ka Halwa, etc. These desserts are amazing but maybe take a little more effort to make them. But the effort is worth it.

The above-mentioned dishes are easy to cook meals and are delicious. All the recipes are available on our website for your reference. So if you’re excited to cook these Superfoods for Superwomen in your life, then get set to do it by using organic ingredients! All the ingredients that you need for these dishes are available with us so you can check out our website as we manufacture and sell organic products in the USA. You can shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.