Mother’s Day Celebration

A Mother’s Day Celebration With Culinary Delights That Surprise Her!

 On the beautiful occasion of Mother’s Day, the most important thing is to ensure that our dear mothers have a smile of utmost happiness as we surprise them in various ways on this special day. This blog brings you some dishes and ingredients with which you can fill your mom’s heart with culinary delightfulness with a special treat for Mother’s Day!

Every year in May, a special day dawns upon us that marks the beautiful occasion of Mother’s Day. A day solely dedicated to whom we may call the architects of unconditional love, our moms, Mother’s Day is nothing short of a grand celebration when we honor our birth givers, the extraordinary women who shape our lives every day with warmth, tenderness, and boundless affection. 

While there are innumerable ways in which we can pay gratitude to our dear moms, there is something extraordinary and beautiful when you pamper your mother by cooking some of her favorite Indian dishes and treating her to desi flavors on this special day. It is perhaps one of the most perfect Mother’s Day gifts you can give. So, this Mother’s Day, why don’t you do the same and surprise your dear mother by treating her to a platter full of delectably lip-smacking delicacies? 

Read this blog and know about some of the dishes you can easily prepare at home with some of Dwaraka Organic’s special, pure ingredients and serve your mom an unforgettable Mother’s Day treat!  

Rice Flou

Rice Flour is a versatile ingredient used frequently in South Indian dishes such as Idli, Dosa, Appam, etc. Besides using it as a thickening and binding agent, if you love to bake, you can use Rice Flour for several baked delectable dishes such as Chocolate Cake, Brownies, Blueberry Muffins, and more. You can also make traditional Indian sweets such as Modak with this flour. Imagine surprising your mom with a special Mother’s Day Brunch where you prepare and serve her these savory and sweet treats. It will prove to be one of the best gifts for mom and one of the finest brunch ideas you can execute for this special day! 


Ask your mom to buckle up as you take her on a ride through a world of delicious, heartwarming, and soul-pleasing sweet dishes as a special gift on this day. Dwaraka Organic’s pure and organic Jaggery benefits health by primarily being the finest substitute for sugar and, at the same time, ensuring that sweet dishes or Indian desserts are not at a loss of the authenticity of taste and flavors. It adds the required sweetness to treats like Malpua, Gur Ki Kheer, Puran Poli, and more. You can prepare almost any and every sweet dish with Jaggery instead of sugar and leave your loving mother at a loss for words and in utmost delight to enjoy her favorite sweet dishes without worry! 

Rajma Jammu

Filled with an immense amount of proteins and rich nutrients, Rajma Jammu, as the name suggests, brings the all-time classic pair of dishes to our minds. Any guesses? Well, Rajma Chawal, in other words, Rajma and Rice is a staple food pair in Indian cuisine, and there’s no one who does not enjoy a hearty bowl full of Rajma and flavorful rice. The rice and the medley of traditional spices in the Rajma together serve as a treat that hits you right in the soul, leaving you happy, your taste buds mesmerized, and your tummy full! So, this Mother’s Day, prepare this legendary desi dish for your mom and let her relish the flavors. Prepare it with Dwaraka Organic’s ingredients for the best taste, and we assure you that your mom will be so happy that she will surely love and appreciate your culinary skills. 

Pav Bhaji Masala

Mother’s Day is the occasion when our moms speak out about their wishes, and we instantly get to work to try and fulfill them. Just like that, if your mother likes and craves desi street food like Pav Bhaji, we have the perfect ingredient for you. From our range of authentic Blended Spices that make cooking a cakewalk and a process with almost zero hassle, we bring you the traditional, authentic, and 100% organic Pav Bhaji Masala. Comprising the quintessential blend of traditional spices, this ingredient is all you need to treat your mother to an intensely satisfying, aromatic, and tasty bowl of piping hot Pav Bhaji. Serve it to your mom with some Pav, and every spoonful will elevate her happiness as she enjoys the authentic taste!

The above-mentioned ingredients are so pure, authentic, and non-tampered that you enjoy authentic flavors and tastes every time you use the products to prepare the dishes. If these dishes are already giving rise to your excitement about surprising your mom with a well-planned home-cooked meal on Mother’s Day, then it is time you head out to a grocery store nearby and grab these ingredients. You can also shop for these products by ordering them from Amazon!