Organic Grocery Products

Organic Grocery Products You Should Have in Your Pantry

The first step towards embracing a healthy lifestyle starts in our kitchens. Organizing a pantry with organic grocery products not only contributes to sustainable living but also helps add essential nutrients to your daily diet. Read this blog to find out about some of the most essential organic items that you should stock up on. 

In recent times, organic grocery products have seen a consistently significant rise in popularity and demand. As more and more people become thoroughly aware and concerned about their health and well-being, it is essential to ensure that our bodies consume nutrient-dense meals. 

How do you know whether your meals are nutritious and healthy? 

When you think healthy, you think organic, and when it comes to nutritious food, organic ingredients is the answer! The specialty of organic grocery products is that they do not undergo any artificial enhancements or chemical-induced processes. 

When used for cooking, these farm-fresh ingredients help significantly retain the authenticity of taste and flavors of your dishes because they are 100% natural and pure, and thereby a much more environmentally friendly option. So when you cook your dishes with organic ingredients, you can rest assured that you will consume healthy food and nothing besides that.

What are the benefits of organic grocery products?

If you think organic grocery products are renowned only because they are safe to consume, then there’s more than meets the eye! Besides keeping the authentic flavors alive in your dishes and letting you enjoy delicious meals, organic products also have high nutritional value. Therefore, consuming food prepared with these pure ingredients leads you closer to a healthier and wholesome lifestyle.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most essential organic grocery products you should stock up on and how they benefit you!

Cracked Wheat

Cracked Wheat, also known as Bulgur or Daliya, is a staple in several Indian households worldwide. When whole wheat is ground into coarse particles, the result is Cracked Wheat. It is a versatile ingredient packed with nutritious elements and also serves as an excellent substitute for rice-based dishes such as Pulao, Khichdi, etc. People often prefer to include Cracked Wheat in preparing breakfast bowls, cookies, etc., as it boasts a unique texture with a distinct nutty flavor. 

Chana Besan

Derived by grinding chickpeas, Chan Besan, or Chickpea Flour, boasts rich amounts of protein, fiber, and vitamins. It has a slightly yellowish color along with a nutty flavor, and it is also considered a healthy substitute for Wheat Flour. You can prepare lip-smacking delights such as Kadhi Pakoda, Besan Chilla, Besan Ladoo, Besan Halwa, and several other dishes with this wonder ingredient. Chana Besan is one of the most essential organic grocery products to have in your pantry. 

Malka Masoor

Malka Masoor, also known as Split Red Lentils, is one of the pulses most commonly consumed by Indians worldwide. Comprising a wide range of nutritional elements such as proteins, vitamins, dietary fiber, and potassium, Malka Masoor is a staple in almost every Indian household. It comes in a reddish-orange color and turns into a yellowish color while boasting a creamy texture when cooked, thereby making it the perfect ingredient to prepare soups, stews, curries, khichdi, and many more mouthwatering, healthy delicacies. 

Black Pepper Whole

The dried and immature berries of a plant known as Piper Nigrum are the source from which we get Black Pepper. If you are curious, Black Pepper is basically a flowering vine that is cultivated to acquire its special fruit, peppercorn, which we use as a seasoning spice in our dishes. 

Black Pepper is renowned for its antioxidant properties and is considered an ingredient that enhances the flavor and nutritional value of your dishes. You can use freshly ground black pepper as a flavorful seasoning in soups, main course dishes, or even salads. Having Black Pepper stocked up in your pantry ensures that you have a natural treat that serves both the flavors of your dishes and your health. 

Cinnamon Stick

Obtained from the inner bark of trees of the genus Cinnamomum, Cinnamon Stick is an essential flavoring agent in several dishes and desserts. It is renowned for its rich aroma and is widely used as an aromatic condiment or added for flavor in the preparation of several delights. Besides its use in cooking, Cinnamon is also considered a healthy ingredient due to its antioxidant properties. It aids gut health and dental hygiene while also helping us reduce cholesterol levels. 


Clove is a wonder ingredient in organic grocery products because it has numerous other uses besides food. A very popular ingredient in various cuisines such as Asian, African, and Middle-Eastern, organic Cloves are a very small but highly potent spice widely known for their rich, intense aroma and a myriad of medicinal benefits. 

Clove can be used as a flavoring agent in soups and sauces and in several rice-based dishes and spice mixes. However, other than their use in the kitchen, cloves are also the highest scorers when it comes to medicinal values. They are known to improve liver and bone health, protect our bodies against cancer, contain rich amounts of antioxidants, and have plenty of other benefits that make them one of the most essential organic grocery products to have at home. 

Green Cardamom

Widely known as the ‘Queen of Spices,’ Green Cardamom is an ingredient that is very commonly used in Indian cooking, and is also known as Elaichi. It is famous for its rich, intense aroma and its unique taste. You can use this ingredient as a whole, in pods, or after crushing it into a fine powder, depending on your requirements. From mouthwatering entrees to soul-satisfying desserts, you can use Green Cardamom in various dishes, and it will surely enhance the experience of those delights. 

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