All You Need To Know About Organic Food

Organic food has been a growing trend in the last couple of decades. People have shifted to using organic products to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Shifting to organic products was clearly an informed decision at the beginning. However, it has turned more into a lifestyle than a healthy habit in recent years. So, our objective here is to help everyone understand the true value of an organic lifestyle.

From production to nutritional value to even consumption, everything will be covered here. We’ll also discuss various studies that have shown how organic food makes your life better.

  • Organic Food
    Organic foods are products that are grown naturally. Meaning, no chemical-based products were used during any stage of production of products.Organically grown crops, plants, and even products of animals that are only fed an organic diet fall under the organic food category.


  • Production
    As we previously mentioned, organic products are grown naturally. They are free of chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, additives, or any other form of chemicals. This applies to every stage of production, from the point the seed is planted to when the consumer brings it home.It’s more like going back to our roots when human beings didn’t have all these harmful products available.When it comes to animal-based products, the animals themselves are fed a purely organic diet. That means all the products we get from them are considered organic as well.


  • Nutritional Value
    Besides filling ourselves, the whole point of eating is the nutrients in the food. Organic foods are known to have a higher level of nutrients, unlike their conventional counterparts.When chemicals are added to the soil, they destroy their natural nutritional value. While the yield may look bright and appetizing, the product might not be as healthy. It may lack the nutrients it would have if it was grown naturally.
    As all organic products are grown naturally, they have more nutrients to absorb from the soil. This not only adds more flavor to the products but also increases its health benefits.Organic products can’t rely on chemicals to protect their growth. Hence, they develop their own antioxidants to protect themselves. Studies show that organic products generally have an average of 69% more antioxidants than conventional products. They also have higher levels of Vitamin C, zinc, iron, etc.Products from animals that are fed an organic diet also have higher nutritional value. Research says that organic animal-based dairy products can contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and Vitamin E. Moreover, it also has a lower level of saturated fats.Organic products, with all their health benefits, help you develop a better quality of life. Hence, switching to organic products is termed as healthy eating.
  • Health Benefits
    With the obvious health benefits previously mentioned, adding organic products to your daily diet also makes your life better.With such high levels of nutrients, your immunity system gets a permanent boost. Higher levels of iron also promote better growth and development. More Vitamin C & Vitamin E means your body has more adept regenerative properties and better bone health.Following an organic diet also has mental benefits. Knowing that you actively follow a healthy lifestyle improves your mental health. Higher resistance to illness and better physical health also helps you stay mentally stable. In addition, you will also live a longer and happier life.


  • Make The Change
    All of this information may seem too much to take in at first. But there are not as many practical changes you need to make in life. To switch to an organic diet all you need to do is change the products you buy.Following the same diet, eating habits, and routine that you already follow. But you just use higher quality and healthier products that lead you to a better life.Making this minor switch will help you gain all the benefits mentioned above. And you do all this without having to worry about adapting to the change.The pandemic has made everyone wary of their health and habits. We are all looking for solutions that have long term health benefits. By going organic, you take one large step towards this goal without needing to actively work on it.We, at Dwarika Organic, truly believe that using organic products is beneficial for everyone. Hence, we strongly advise you to switch to an organic lifestyle. With the range of organic food listed on our website, you also have the option to prepare hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes.From organic spices, pulses, cooking oils, and even flours, we have everything you need to start the transition. You can also follow a variety of recipes on our website that will help you make delicious treats with organic products. So hop on the organic bandwagon and have a healthy life ahead.