3 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Kids lead a very active life. From running all around the house to climbing on top of things and littering the entire house with toys. They are little creatures with more energy than most adults throughout the day.

For a day full of mischief, running around and laughing, you need to fuel your toddler with a hearty breakfast. A little bit of creativity can help you serve your kid tasty yet healthy foods for breakfast. 

However, feeding kids has never been easy. They are fussy and picky eaters with a big appetite for cheese and chocolate. But there are a few kid-friendly breakfast recipes in which you can start your kid’s morning with a healthy yet delicious meal. 

Here are a few kid’s breakfast recipes to kick-start your toddler’s day:

  • Oats Idli:
    Idli is a universal favorite, be it kids or adults. Make fresh idlis for breakfast using Rice Flour. If you want to make your kid’s breakfast healthier, you can make idlis out of Dwaraka Organic Oats Flour giving them the required nutrients and also keeping them full till lunchtime. You can also make your idlis more interesting by adding veggies and masala to the idli batter. By doing this, you can even sneak in good fibers and the required vitamins and minerals. Serve them with some coconut chutney or even ketchup for picky kids. If your kid enjoys South Indian preparations, you can also try out recipes such as Rava Dosa, Ragi Dosa, and Uttapam to bring in more variety to your kid’s everyday breakfast. After all, kids get bored with the same meals very quickly. 
  • Whole Grain Waffles:
    Once in a while, you can make something like waffles or pancakes that your kids will love eating and may even get them excited for breakfast every morning. You can make delicious hot pancakes and waffles using Maida. To make these dishes healthier, you can make the batter from any whole grain flour to make Whole Grain Waffles and Whole Grain Pancakes. You can also try out Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes, by merely adding mashed bananas to the batter mix. To make these dishes more fun, you can add various toppings such as chocolate syrup, choco chips, and even whipped cream. You can also add freshly-cut fruits to them to increase your child’s fruit intake. This healthy version of waffles and pancakes are sure to leave your kid asking for more.
  • Dalia:
    If you are a busy parent and are looking for a quick, easy-to-make yet delicious fix for breakfast, Dalia is the best dish for you. You can make it quickly on a busy morning. In just a few steps, you’ll have a wholesome breakfast ready that your kid will absolutely love. You can use Cracked Wheat to make various versions of the classic dalia. You can try out easy recipes like:

    • Sweet or savory dalia, depending on your kid’s taste
    • Upma dalia as a healthier option
    • Schezwan flavored dalia when your kid wants something fun for breakfast
    • Dalia mixed with fruits for a fresh start to the morning

    For more quick and fun breakfast ideas, you can try recipes such as Coriander Upma, Dry Cereal, or Chapati Rolls filled with cheese. Another quick idea is Breakfast Quesadillas which you can quickly assemble with some veggies and loads of cheese, heat it up, and serve it with a dip that your kid loves.

    If you don’t have the time to cook any of these in the morning, you can simply make healthy and delicious smoothies. There are many to choose from, fresh fruit smoothies, peanut butter, and banana smoothies, and even chocolate smoothies.

    You can try out these fun kid-friendly breakfast recipes for your kids on a daily to make sure they get all their nutrients and also enjoy breakfast time every morning.

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