black cardamom

Discover the advantages of Black Cardamom with Dwarka Organic

The authentic and aromatic flavors of Black Cardamom are a treat to our taste buds. You will surely enjoy its flavors in your tea and several other delicacies. But do you know how beneficial it is for our health? Read this blog to learn more. 

Known as Badi Elachi or Kali Elaichi all over India, Black Cardamom boasts a smoky, woody flavor when you add them to your dishes. It is overwhelming by taste and is also counted as one of the warming spices such as Cloves, Chillies, and Black Pepper.

The smokey flavor of Black Cardamom comes out of drying it over the fire. But if you think that the benefits of Black Cardamom are superior to green Cardamom, you’re mistaken! Both of them have their uniqueness in taste, flavors, and uses in cooking.

There are numerous Black Cardamom uses, which greatly benefit our health. But, even though this spice has no majorly reported side effects, it is better to use it in considerable quantities because too much of anything is not suitable for health.  

This blog brings you some interesting facts about how Black Cardamom benefits us. Read on!

It helps lower blood pressure:

Black Cardamom comprises numerous antioxidants and diuretic properties that help reduce blood pressure. It is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, and including at least 3 gms of this spice daily, resolves blood pressure issues. 

Relieves our respiratory system:

Black Cardamom treats respiratory issues such as congestion, asthma, etc. In this case, the high content of antioxidants comes into play. They help when you are suffering from a cough and cold by controlling the mucous release. Therefore, it heals the respiratory tract and a sore throat within minutes.

Keeps away scalp infection:

Having trouble with your scalp? Don’t go on buying shampoos that are chemical-induced or artificially enhanced. If you’ve got Black Cardamom at home, you can consider it the healer of such scalp-related issues. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that heal any sort of scalp infection. It is simple to use, and you can just wash your hair with cardamom water and then apply shampoo to get the best results. 

Great for our skin:

Throughout the day, the pollution and dust outside work tremendously towards affecting our skin for the worse. These dust particles are toxic elements that accumulate on the skin over time and then penetrate it, causing us to encounter unwanted skin problems. So, to revitalize your skin, you can take a tablespoon of Black Cardamom paste and add some Turmeric Powder and honey to it. This homemade technique can help you in having glowing and healthy skin.

The above-mentioned Black Cardamom health benefits are just a few notable ones. If you’re curious, you can get to know some more facts about Cardamom’s benefits in our blog, ‘5 amazing health benefits of Cardamom.‘ So if you’re willing to include this somewhat helpful and warming spice in your daily diet and wondering where to buy Black Cardamom, you are in the right place! Dwaraka Organic brings you 100% authentic pure and organic Black Cardamom, which you can buy. Shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwaraka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.