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Spices from Dwaraka Organic: A Glimpse to the Richness of Indian Culture

There are a wide variety of Indian spices that enhance our dishes with their heavenly flavors. But do you know there is a striking difference between organic spices and those that are chemically infused? Read this blog to learn more about it and some pure spices that Dwaraka Organic offers!

Food is an essential part of the rich culture of India, and there are numerous delicacies to choose from. But do you know the secret behind desi food being so special? Well, it all comes down to one particular thing, the wide variety of spices that we have.

Spices are widely used in Indian cooking, and these ingredients add flavor and taste to our dishes. Due to spices, we can distinguish the taste of different delicacies. So we must always use authentic, unadulterated spices to enjoy the natural flavors of the delights we savor. And not only that, but you can also distinguish between artificially enhanced spices and organic ones by their mere smell. If the spice bears chemicals, the scent will not be as striking and potent as its pure, organic version. So that is a clear example of how or why organic spices are far better than adulterated ones. Moreover, organic spices keep our health fine and do not affect us badly. 

The availability of chemical-infused, artificially-enhanced spices is plenty around the markets. Still, one must ignore them and grab their choice of products from a place where only pure, authentic, and organic spices are offered. Dwaraka Organic is your one-stop shop if you want exposure to a wide variety of organic desi spices. We bring them all to you and ensure that we only offer you organic food products with zero adulterated substances. 

In this blog, enjoy some significant glimpses of nature and its edible gifts that we bring you through some of the best spices we offer in our product range.

Chili Powder

Chili Powder:

For all you spicy food lovers, here comes the potent, rich, and authentic Chili Powder from the range of desi spices by Dwaraka Organic. A dried version of Chili Pepper, Chili Powder is used exclusively for the red color it adds to the dish and the sharp and spicy flavor that adds more to the richness of the recipe. 

Chili Powder also helps maintain our blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and, most importantly, builds our immunity.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala:

Several Indian spices, approximately 10 to 12, are ground together, and the final product is the special and most commonly used spice in Indian cooking, Garam Masala! This spice is the ideal seasoning for almost every Indian dish. Thus, you will find Garam Masala in all Indian households, where it is widely used in preparations like Dal, Curries, Parathas, etc. 

Besides being the most-favorite seasoning for Indian taste buds, Garam Masala has several health benefits. It boosts metabolism and digestion in our bodies and also boasts a high amount of antioxidants that help keep us healthy. 

Coriander Powder

Coriander Powder:

Some people prefer a bit of citrusy yet mildly sweet flavor in their dishes, and especially for them, the perfect ingredient is the very flavorful Coriander Powder. This famous and commonly used desi spice is obtained from coriander seeds and is green in color. It brings along a fresh fragrance and adds a citrusy yet sweet, minty twist when added to various dishes. 

The benefits of Coriander Powder are plenty, but the most notable ones are that it benefits our bones’ health and works excellently toward curing mouth ulcers.

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Powder:

A flavorful spice widely used while baking and also in cooking numerous dishes, Cinnamon Powder boasts some strong, potent essence and flavors that take all the dishes to a whole new level. Obtained from peeling the bark of tropical evergreen trees from their insides, Cinnamon boasts a woody, sweet flavor and bears a kind of spice you would expect from a punch of cloves. It is widely used in tea, but other treats like, Muffins, Cakes, Pan Cakes, Pies, and Cookies, are also prepared with this wonder spice, and it is the flavors and aroma of Cinnamon that make us love these treats so much.

Cinnamon Powder is also beneficial for our health as it heals cough and cold helps reduce the pain caused by menstrual cramps and keeps our immunity boosted and balanced. 

The spices mentioned above are just a few of the numerous others that the exclusive organic spice brand, Dwaraka Organic, brings you! These spices are 100% authentic, pure, and organic, and once you use these, you will instantly realize how different and better your dishes taste. Strictly forbid yourself from using adulterated, chemically-infused spices that affect your health for the worse, and shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwaraka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.