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Gold Sandal Masala Incense

Our Gold Sandal Masala Incense is wholly made from 100% organic sandalwood oil, which helps calm your mind with a sweet woody odor and mask dampness and other odors. The sweet and cool fragrance of sandalwood helps turn your home’s mood from dull and dark to fresh and bright.

Mogra Masala Incense

Our Mogra Masala Incense is made with essential oil obtained from handpicked, organic mogra flowers. Its fragrance is light and encourages cheerfulness.

It is best for people who feel low on energy and need an instant boost. Mogra incense is also the most-loved choice in spiritual practices.

Nag Champa Masala Incense

Nag Champa Masala Incense is handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients and techniques to enhance your meditation practice experience.

Nagchampa is one of the most celebrated masala incense sticks for spiritual practices. It has sweet notes, emitting a deeply calming, purifying, and detoxifying aroma. It helps to quiet your mind during meditation. Its soothing aroma relaxes the mind & body and makes you feel peaceful and receptive.

Original Rose Masala Incense

Our Original Rose Masala Incense is made from 100% organic rose oil. It helps spread positivity and calmness in your surroundings. The fragrance of rose incense relieves stress, anxiety and reduces negativity. It releases a powerful therapeutic note and helps detoxify the mind and body and cleanse the surrounding aura.

Premium Quality Masala Incense

Our Premium Quality Masala Incense is made with a well-balanced mix of selective organic essential oils. It releases a nostalgic fragrance that instantly elevates the mood of any room. It is a preferred choice for spiritual practices and customs.

This mix of essential oils brings enthusiasm, joy, cheer, and calmness to the mind.

Real Jasmine Masala Incense

Our jasmine masala incense contains specific properties which purify the air and induce excellent and positive vibes in the environment. It helps increase focus and concentration. It is a wonderful antidepressant that instantly relaxes your body and mind.