Organic Flours

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Amaranth Flour

Amaranth Flour is made by finely grinding the seeds of the Amaranth plant. Amaranth, an ancient plant, is packed with a lot of healthy nutrients. It is a lighter option than wheat or maida flour.


You can use our organic Amaranth flour to make chapatis, pooris, cakes, and muffins too.

Bajra Flour

Bajra Flour is milled from pearl millet grains, also known as Bajra. The flour has a nutty flavor and a soft texture. It is a superb source of iron, folic acid, fiber, and protein.


Furthermore, it has many essential minerals that support the immune system. Bajra Flour is best enjoyed in the form of crisp, soft, and warm bhakris or methi theplas. Bhakhri is a gluten-free option for whole-wheat bread.

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Flour is made by grinding whole buckwheat grains and is an excellent source of fiber. It is also known as Kuttu ka atta.


Hence, it is a great alternative to wheat bread. Kuttu ka atta is suitable for the gut and reduces bloating. You can relish the goodness of our organic Buckwheat Flour in cookies, pies, chapatis, and more.

Chana Besan

Chana Besan is made by grinding chickpeas. It is yellowish and has a nutty flavor, and is packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins. It is a healthy substitute for wheat flour.


You must try making dishes like kadhi pakora, besan chilla, pakora, and besan laddoos, besan halwa, and more using our Organic Chana Besan.

Corn Flour

Organic Corn flour is milled from dry whole corn kernels. It is white and has a distinct powdery texture, and is widely used in Asian, European and Mediterranean households as a thickening and binding agent.


Corn Flour is used in fried delicacies like french fries, nuggets, cutlets, patties, jalebis get their crispiness when coated with corn flour.

Cracked Wheat

Cracked wheat, also known as Bulgur, is derived by grinding whole wheat into coarse particles.


It is not as finely ground like flour. In Indian households, it is widely known as Daliya. It is a good substitute for rice-based dishes like Khichdi, Pulao, and more.

Jowar Flour

Jowar flour is milled from the grains of white millet, known as Jowar. Above all, It is a staple in the Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines. Because Jowar is an excellent source of iron and fiber, it is light to consume and digest.


Jowar flour is used to make traditional porridges, theplas, and bhakhris.

Maida Flour

Maida Flour, also known as all-purpose flour, is a white flour derived from wheat with no bran. It is finely ground and used in baking, frying as a thickening and binding agent.


You can enjoy our Organic Maida Flour in fruit cakes, mug cakes, pies, cookies, bhajias, gujiyas, pooris, and more.

Oats Flour

Oats Flour is derived by grinding oats into a fine powder. It is gluten-free, rich in fiber, and an excellent substitute for wheat flour. It is mildly nutty and tastes like wheat flour when cooked.


Oats flour helps regulate your blood sugar while keeping your gut strong and healthy. Enjoy our organic oats flour by making fresh chapatis, dosas, pooris, cakes, and cookies.

Ragi Flour

Ragi Flour is milled from red and round finger millets. These millets are rich in iron which makes the flour very nourishing. The flour is high in iron content, protein, fiber, and vitamins. It is pink, soft, and heavy flour.


It is widely eaten as bread. But you can also make chips, fruit cakes, pies, soups, cakes, and more using our organic Ragi Flour.

Rice Flour

Rice Flour is made from finely-milled raw grains of rice. It is a rich source of carbohydrates. It is used as a thickening and binding agent in many Asian cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.


Rice flour is major consumed in India’s southern parts in dishes like idli, dosa, bhakhri, appam, modaks, and more.

Roasted Chana Flour

Roasted Chana Flour, mostly known as Sattu in India, is derived by grinding roasted chickpeas. In addition, It is rich in carbohydrates and preferable for gluten-free diets. Also, Sattu or Roasted Chana Flour is primarily consumed in the northern regions of India.


You can relish the goodness of this flour in sattu parathas, sattu sharbat, stuffed littis, missi rotis, and more.

Sooji Coarse

Sooji Coarse, widely known as semolina, is a coarse flour-like product made from beating Durum wheat. The colors and size of sooji can vary depending on the quality of the Durum wheat. Moreover, sooji is a versatile ingredient that is used to make both savory and sweet delicacies.


For instance, the most-celebrated sooji delicacies are sooji halwa, upma, rava idli, rava dosa, and masala idli.

Urad Flour

Urad Flour is made by grinding urad dal or skinned black gram lentils. This flour is pale white and nutritious. In other words it is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates.


Moreover, Urad flour is primarily consumed in India and Sri Lanka’s southern states for making delicacies like dosa, idli, appam, dahi vada, medu vada, and more.