The Most Common Types Of Flour And How to Utilize Them – Part 1

Flour is an ingredient widely present in almost every household worldwide. There is a wide variety of Flour, and each type is unique. All these different kinds of Flour come in handy for numerous purposes! Read this blog to learn about some of the most popular types of Flour.

Flour is a staple diet of people, and the different types of Flour have their unique components for which they are used in several ways. Flour is present all through, from baking beautiful-looking, mouthwatering cakes to a satisfying and wholesome loaf of bread, flatbread, or even some crunchy, delightful cookies. But, to attain satisfaction from preparing the best version of such baked goodies, you need to use suitable Flour. It is not wrong to think that in the usual course, the most common all-purpose Flour suffices enough for such delights, but then again, each of the different types of Flour offers a little something enhancing to the delicacies you bake.

If you have the impression that baking is the sole purpose of using Flour, you will be glad and intrigued to know that it is not! While baking is one of the most notable activities that involve Flour, there are various other factors where Flour is widely used. Besides adding mild flavors and wonderful texture to baked delights, Flour works as coatings for fries and thickeners for sauces and gravies. 

Apart from cooking, the different types of Flour also bring their beneficial components that help improve our health. Moreover, you can also use Flour for beauty and skin-related treatments.  

In this blog, we bring you four different types of organic Flour amongst the numerous others brought to you by Dwaraka Organic. Scroll down to read about these flours, their benefits, and their uses! 


Maida Flour:

Maida Flour is one of the most commonly used Flour, with several benefits. It is also known as  All-purpose Flour, and as the name suggests, you can use it in almost everything related to cooking and baking. Maida Flour is obtained out of finely-ground wheat that has no bran. Therefore it works wonderfully as a thickening or binding agent and in the preparations of dishes like Chocolate and Cinnamon Mug Cake, Apple Pie, Fruit Cake, Gujiya, Bhajias, and more. It will not be wrong to use the term Cake Flour for Maida Flour as it is the most commonly used ingredient for baking delicious cakes.  

Since it is made out of wheat, Maida Flour comprises a plethora of nutrients such as vitamins, iron, fiber, magnesium, etc. Due to such high nutritional content, Maida is also considered a boon for skincare because it helps our skin de-tan and removes pigmentation spots or acne. Moreover, it helps boost collagen production, making our skin look younger than ever. You can easily make different moisturizing face packs by blending Maida Flour with Turmeric Powder, Honey, Lemon Juice, etc.

Corn Flour

Corn Flour:

Sunflower Oil is the most commonly used oil in almost every Indian household. You can prepare a wide variety of tasty dishes with it, ranging from bhajiyas, pooris, different fries, and numerous more. It is obtained from pressing Sunflower seeds, a light, amber-colored oil. Most of the time, Sunflower Oil is used for frying or tempering as it gets soaked significantly less due to its light nature. 

Sunflower Oil is considered the best cooking oil for the heart as it aids our heart health. Apart from that, it also helps improve digestion and aids our skin and hair. Consumption of Sunflower Oil boosts our energy as well. 

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Flour:

Buckwheat Flour is a fantastic fiber source, made with ground whole buckwheat grains. Another name for Buckwheat Flour is Kuttu Ka Atta, and it is also one of the best-known gluten-free flours. In terms of taste, Buckwheat Flour boasts a slightly earthy flavor, and the aroma, essence, and taste are very intense. It is usually included in preparing delicacies like Cookies, Pies, Chapatis, etc. 

The healthy factors of Buckwheat Flour are many, but the most notable ones happen to be its benefits for heart health and diabetes. It also aids weight loss, and not only that, the high content of Vitamin B in Buckwheat Flour protects our skin from damage that may occur out of sun exposure. Its high rutin content makes it work like a natural sunscreen. You can blend Buckwheat Flour, Milk, and Honey together and apply the mixture on your face as a mask to experience the results yourself. 

Bajra Flour

Bajra Flour:

Bajra Flour is milled out of pearl millet grains and boasts a nutty flavor and soft texture. The flavors and taste of this Flour are enjoyed the most while you munch on some crispy delights such as Methi Theplas, Bajra Chaklis, Methi Khakhras, Bhakris, and numerous more. 

Bajra Flour brings a high range of nutritional elements such as folic acid, iron, protein, and fiber. These nutrients present in the Flour, in turn, help in maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. Apart from the intense and potent flavor, it adds to the dishes, frequent consumption of Bajra Flour also nourishes our skin and hair. 

The most popular types of Flour mentioned above are individually flavorful and boast their uniqueness in several ways! Besides the textures and flavors they add to our dishes, our health also relies upon the nutrients they fill our bodies with. But, if you wish to experience the taste and flavors alongside the benefits, use only the pure, natural, and Organic Flour that Dwaraka Organic offers you. Shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwaraka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.