5 amazing dishes to delight your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you must be excited too! If you are planning on surprising your dad on this day, we are here to give you some ideas. Read this blog to learn about some dishes you can include for unique Father’s Day meals that will make your dad happy! 

Father’s Day is a special occasion because we dedicate this particular day to our dads and take the opportunity to make them as happy as possible. Good food is something that wins the hearts of everyone. Therefore, the best option is to create a breakfast, lunch, dinner meal plan where you include some of his most favorite dishes and serve them for Father’s Day. 

One of the most fun Father’s day activities is cooking some fantastic Father’s day meals for your dad. After all, it’s a special day dedicated to your old man, and you must make sure to make it count. Moreover, cooking your dad’s favorite dishes by yourself is probably one of the best Father’s Day celebration ideas.

This blog brings you some delightful dishes that you can make to prepare full-fledged Father’s Day meals and make your dad happy!

Upma 1


If you wish for your dad to start the day with a heartwarming breakfast, then Upma is the perfect fish you can go with. It is one of the most-loved dishes, and at the same time, it keeps one filled for a longer period, so the experience is no less than heavenly.

Making this dish is not much of a hassle, and the ingredients you need are Sooji Coarse, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Urad Black Split, Sunflower Oil, curry leaves, green chilies, and other essentials. If you wish to look up a detailed recipe for this dish, check out our website. It is one of the best dishes to add to the menus of Father’s Day meals.

Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo

If you are a beginner cook, you can try something as easy as Jeera Aloo. It is one of those mouth watering dishes that you must include in Father’s Day meals. It will be the perfect dish for lunch and can be enjoyed with paratha or roti. Moreover, you can use our organic flours to make the bread.  

The ingredients you need for Jeera Aloo are boiled and peeled potatoes, Coriander Powder, Ginger Garlic Paste, Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Seeds, Groundnut Oil, salt, and a bit of lemon juice. Making this dish is easy, and it won’t take you much longer if you just refer to the detailed recipe of Jeera Aloo on our website

Namak Para 1

Namak Para

As the day goes by, it will soon be evening, and we all know what a typical Indian’s evening is like? Yes, you guessed it right! A hot cup of tasty masala chai and a handful of delicious snacks.  

Keeping in mind the wonders that a hot cup of chai does to the hearts of Indians worldwide, make sure that you serve your dad the best of snacks to enjoy. First of all, make a note that we have a special Tea Masala that is there just to enhance the experience of enjoying your tea with snacks. If you’re wondering what can be a fine choice, we suggest you go for Namak Para. It is one of the tastiest, crispy, and fried snacking goodies you can ever have. If you want to make it yourself, grab a few ingredients like Maida Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Ajwain, Cumin Powder, Pepper Powder, Sunflower Oil, and some bare essentials like salt. 

It is not much time-consuming to make this delicious snack, and you can quickly check out our website for a detailed recipe for Namak Para. It is a wonderful inclusion to your Father’s Day meal plan, and your dad would certainly savor it with utmost joy!

Vegetable Biryani 2

Vegetable Biryani

Let’s face it, Biryani is one such dish that forbids the rest of the dishes from coming to our minds when there is a dinner plan going on. It is understandable as this is one of humans’ most delicious and favorite dishes worldwide. Nothing can surpass the joy we get from a plate of delicious Biryani.

You can imagine how happy your dad will be to find out about a sumptuous dinner involving the very delicious Biryani. So without a doubt, get on to make this particular dish, but yes, it will take a bit more of your time as it requires various ingredients and a proper procedure. To learn how to make it, get to our website and look up the detailed recipe for Biryani. Additionally, we make the whole process of cooking this dish easier with our Biryani Mix. 

Gud Papdi

Gud Papdi

Desserts are the most important part of Father’s Day meals and you simply cannot ignore that. So, to give an Indian twist to your choice of dessert, how about serving your father, the very delicious Gud Papdi? 

This sweet treat requires ingredients like, Wheat Flour, Green Cardamom, Ghee, Poppy Seeds, and almonds and pistachios for garnishing. Upon completion of the cooking process you have to carefully cut out the Gud Papdi into diamond shaped pieces as that is the usual structure of the dessert. It is a very delicious sweet treat and also pretty easy to make. You can look into a detailed recipe here.

The five delicious dishes mentioned above are one of the many combinations that you can try for Father’s Day meals. If you like these dishes, you can check the recipes here. We suggest you use organic spices to make these delicacies, as organic ingredients give you the freshest and the tastiest experience while you relish your favorite dishes.

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