Awesome Tips To Up Your Food Presentation Game

Food Presentation is as much of a key element of serving as the flavors and aroma. The hard work you put into preparing delicious meals every day needs to be displayed on the table as well.

Fortunately, we have compiled some great tips that will help you with the presentation. Continue reading to learn more.

Delicious food is always an appealing prospect for everyone. The aroma of good food is enough to excite people and draw them to the table.

They need more than just a whiff of some hot curry, steaming biryani, or even the aroma of kheer to get them going. That’s where the visual aspects play a major role.

Even when it comes to plating up everyday meals, having a restaurant-themed setup always attracts more attention. 

Many aspects affect the way you present your food. Fancy food plating, using edible garnishes, layering, and adding contrasting colors are just some of them. These are also the aspects we will discuss here. So let’s get right to it.

Food Plating-

For food presentation, the best form of food plating is using beautiful crockery to serve your preparations. They always look good on the table and also make the food look appealing.

You should also make sure you use properly sized plates. Serving food in overly sized bowls is never a good option. Every dish you serve needs to be plated in a bowl that is just enough for the portion of your serving.

Using mini-dishes, mini-casseroles, jars, ramekins, sauce boats, and serving bowls to plate your sides, dips, and accompaniments also adds to the presentation.

The color of the crockery should also be on point. It doesn’t matter what you prepare; going for a light-colored or preferably white set of plates is always advisable. It looks classy and elegant while also allowing the food to shine.

Garnishing –

Garnishing is a norm in Indian cuisine. But it’s mostly used to add some more flavor or freshness to the dish. Using coriander, cream, tadka, and silver-films is a common practice.

But some garnishes are not used to add flavor. Instead, they are used to make the dish look more appetizing.

You can top off the dishes with some chopped dill leaves, basil leaves, cinnamon sticks, black pepper powder, fried whole red chilli, powdered sugar, edible flowers, and any other flavoring agents or edibles. The contrasting colors of the garnish can even make the most light-colored dish look more appetizing.

Some people also like to add coloring elements to the recipe to make the dish seem more delicious. If you plan to do the same, then make sure you only use edible and natural colors. We would highly advise you to avoid artificial colors.


Layering the dish while plating or serving it helps you present various elements of the dish in a way that makes it look more appetizing. This best works with biryani, mixed vegetable curries, salads, and any other dish that has colorful elements.

Using all the elements and the light colored plate helps create a color contrast that makes the dish look good. One way to do that is by adding levels of different colors while plating.

Let’s take biryani as an example here. In a transparent serving bowl, add the biryani gravy at the bottom. The middle layer should have the colored rice, and the top layer should be the primary ingredients like paneer or vegetable medley. You can also top it off with some coriander and fried onions.

Presenting it this way makes it easier for everyone to distinguish the dark-colored gravy from the white of the rice and the various ingredients on the top. This allows the biryani to show off each of its delicious layers and makes the dish look more appetizing.

While serving the dish, you can layer it by having the rice at the bottom. Top it off with some gravy that’s flowing off its edges. And the main ingredients can then be placed on top of the gravy-soaked rice. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, this also makes it easy to grab all the layers in one scoop.

Always Serve With Love-

When you are serving delicious food, you should do everything you can to make it look good. After all, you’ve worked hard in preparing all of it. 

A few additions here and there can make even the simplest of dishes look like a fine-dining experience and elevate your food presentation. And it’s always great to watch everyone get excited about the food even before they have it.

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