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6 Healthy Things in Your Diwali Grocery Shopping List

Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year. Indians all over the world dress up their best, cook the best food, and shop for the best gifts for their loved ones. We’re here to help you with your grocery shopping list with special items for the most incredible Diwali dinner!

Diwali, the festival of lights, food, sweets, gifts, and get-togethers, is celebrated enthusiastically amongst many communities worldwide. Diwali marks the victory of good over evil, and is celebrated by worshipping Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.

Diwali is not just a cultural festival but a shopping festival for people. Shopping for food items is done on priority and way before the festival starts, as Diwali sweets and savories take time to prepare.

Some common Diwali snacks and sweets are chakli, karanji, murukku, besan ladoos, kaju katli, poha chivda, and others. If you are someone who wants to prepare Diwali sweets and snacks at home, getting a grocery shopping list is a must. It helps you stay on track, and saves time and effort!

Diwali 2022 is towards the end of October, and since you have enough time in hand, you can stock up on Diwali grocery items for easy preparation of desi snacks and sweets at home. We bring you a healthy grocery list that includes authentic Indian organic products. So read on, and grab these from Dwaraka Organic from a grocery store in your vicinity.

Organic Jaggery whole in bottle and 5 pisces on floor

1) Organic Sweeteners:

It’s Diwali 2022; it’s time to drop the empty calories of white sugar and go organic by introducing natural sweeteners to your celebrations! Natural and organic sweeteners are better than refined sugars, and Dwaraka Organic’s organic jaggery can add a unique flavor to your Diwali sweets.

mogra masala incense puja greh in 3 green color boxes

2) Masala Incense Sticks:

Indian culture has a special place for incense sticks and burning essential oils. Especially on Diwali, while worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, burning special organic incense sticks can bring a calming aroma to the entire home. Here is an interesting piece of information about the significance of incense sticks during Diwali. Using organic incense sticks can help you maintain this festival’s purity and protect you from unpleasant odors. Dwaraka Organic offers a variety of organic incense sticks made with natural ingredients and fragrances. It makes a great addition to your Diwali puja thali.

dwaraka organic red chilli whole stemless packet in blue color

3) Organic Spices:

Choosing organic spices for your Diwali will add more flavor to your celebration. Spices are essential for Diwali food preparation. Every spice used in making these authentic snacks, appetizers, entrees, and sweets has a flavor that enhances any dish’s authentic taste. Dwarka Organic brings you a collection of organic spices created with locally-sourced whole spices that are carefully chosen to give you the best flavor and remind you of ‘home.’ All you need to do is, buy them and get cooking!

Two organic pulses one is mixed lentils and othe ris rajma jammu

4) Organic Pulses

As mentioned before, Diwali snacks and sweets play an important role in Diwali celebrations. To prepare these dishes at home, you need some authentic ingredients that bring the real flavors of Indian cuisine. Dwaraka Organic presents you with more than 15 varieties of organic pulses, which you can use to prepare dishes like chakli, namak para, bhujia, sev, ladoos, and whatnot! You can check some recipes from our website too!


Organic cooking oil in two bottles

5) Organic Cooking Oils:

Most Diwali snacks are prepared with the deep frying method, which needs sufficient cooking oil. Using the right kind of oil can help you avoid the post-celebration ordeal. Regular refined cooking oils are processed and adulterated. But, with Dwarka Organic’s organic cooking oils, you get natural, pure, cold-pressed, and unrefined options. Our oils keep the nutrients intact, and they are a much healthier option. Using organic cooking oils can let you enjoy Diwali snacks to the fullest while maintaining good health.

Chana besan packet of dwaraka organic flour

6) Organic Flours:

Different flours, in general, have been a great staple in the kitchen for a long time. For your Diwali celebrations, you must invite guests over. With organic flour in your food preparations, you can prepare different Indian breads with their authentic taste and offer your guests a variety of curries, sabzis, and dals. Some Diwali snacks and sweets also require a touch of flours where you can use Dwaraka Organic’s flours made in hygienic facilities without any adulteration.

Words of Wisdom

The key to having a smooth Diwali get-together is the girth planning. You need to decide your menu way ahead of Diwali and plan your grocery shopping list in a planned manner. 

Adding the right items to your Diwali grocery shopping list will help you avoid buying unnecessary things and stocking up only on essentials. This brief grocery list of organic ingredients can help you avoid the rush to buy everything for Diwali.  Our products are available in many grocery stores across the USA, and we are also available on Amazon.

So, if you have noted the essential ingredients for your Diwali celebrations, get the shopping bags ready and head to a nearby grocery store to shop for your favorites.

We wish you a very Happy Diwali!