Amchur Powder

Reasons to add amchur powder to your diet

Amchur Powder is popularly used in Indian cooking for the strong taste and smell it adds to your dishes. But apart from its tangy flavors, it is also one of the many nutritious Indian spices with several benefits and uses. Read this blog to know about some of them!

The range of spices available in India is vast, which is why the country is known as the ‘Spice Capital of the World.’ There are numerous spices that have distinct tastes and flavors, which we get to experience through their uses in Indian cooking. Besides the authenticity of their aroma, distinctly specific taste, and essence, every spice is beneficial in some way or the other.

So in this blog, we bring you some facts and uses of the widely used Indian spice Amchur Powder.

First, before we get into the facts, let us address the most common question! 

What is Amchur Powder?

Amchur Powder is dried mango powder obtained from crushing unripe, sun-dried mangoes. The name of this spice comes from two words from the Hindi language, ‘aam,’ which means mango, and ‘chur,’ which means to crush. The most preferred kind is green mango when it comes to the making of Amchur Powder.

Now that we know what this spice is let us talk about its taste and unique flavor.

Since it is made of crushed mangoes, Amchur Powder has a distinctly sweet and sour taste with a tangy, citrusy flavor. Adding it to a dish instantly makes you know it is there, and if you wish to use it in spice blends, it is recommended to use it in minimal amounts due to its strong aroma and taste. It is widely used in curries, stir-fried dishes to add a bit of sourness to the delicacies. You can also use this flavorful spice as seasoning in deep-fried dishes such as pakodas, chips, or even raitas, salads, and chaats.

As much flavorful as it is, Amchur Powder is also one of those spices with a high nutritional value. So let us take you through how it benefits our health in several ways.

Of the numerous beneficial factors that Amchur Powder contains, the first one is that it improves digestion. The high content of antioxidants in this spice makes it capable of combating issues related to the digestive system, such as constipation, irregular bowel movements, acidity, and flatulence. 

Amchur Powder is a rich source of vitamins such as A, D, C, and B6. It also contains an abundance of beta-carotenes which are incredibly beneficial if you wish to detoxify your body of toxins and harmful substances. 

It is also said that your Cardiovascular System stays in good condition if you include Amchur in your daily diet. The medicinal properties of this spice ensure that your heart stays in excellent health and shape by combating the possibility of cardiac arrests or heart failures.

Amchur is also widely known to induce weight loss due to its ability to boost our metabolism and maintain the stability of our hormones, and in this way, it also helps to keep our weight under control.

This spice is considered highly beneficial for women who are pregnant because it is rich in iron. Vitamins A and E in Amchur Powder also make it beneficial for our eyes and skin. It helps detoxify our skin without a trace of any side effects and also improves vision by keeping away the possibility of eye-related problems such as cataracts.  

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